Date : 31 st January 2012

Time : Evening 8 O Clock

Place : Geneva, Switzerland

Roles : Myself, Big S, Sh1


“OMG.. OMG.. I am sorry.. I am sorry… ” I Repeated it again and again without really know what to do?

“Why did you come out ?” ‘Big s ‘(My Husband) asked.

” I just followed you to see what you are looking at” I replied. “What can we do now? ” I started panicking.

“Lets see.. Lets ask ‘sh1’ to open the door ” ‘Big s’ replied.

“Baby.. Look .. Try to open the door.. Just push down the handle… open it for amma and appa… ”

Sh1(My Elder kid)started to cry as he suddenly realized, he locked himself inside the home.

“The spare key is in office” I dutifully reminded him.

” I don’t have a Tram ticket or cash in hand. We don’t have anything in hand other than your dosa spatula” 👿  “More over Office might have closed. Who would be there on new years eve?”

“What can we do now?? ” We don’t have mobile in hand .. Dont know any ones number.. How can we ask help? OMG… OMG.. He is crying badly.. Sh1.. Listen to me.. amma is here.. don’t cry ma please ”  I started to cry .

It was a usual holiday up to 8 O clock. I was preparing dinner. As ‘big s’ went out to check something I was curious why he left in between  his dinner  so I followed him. Sh1 followed me , me and big s were in the lobby as he checked the main electric board and sh1 was standing on the door step by watching us. Suddenly he thought it would be funny and so slammed the door. The thing about Geneva door was if we shut it from inside only way to open it,is using the key. We can’t open it from outside. Its been only 4 months since me and sh1 came to Geneva and so he didn’t know how to open the door though he was 1.7 years old. So we were keyless and don’t know what to do next.

By hearing our shouting and my crying our neighbours came out. Our opposite neighbor were the lovely american couple who understood the situation . The husband came with some card and tried to open the door with it, by then it cut his hand and a fresh prick of blood came from his hand. 😦

Our downstair’s neighbor were a big french family who don’t know a bit of english. The american couple who knows english and french translated each and everything we said to them and translated their french suggestions in english  to us . The elderly french man suggested to get into our balcony, through our american neighbor’s balcony and  break the window .

While speaking about these things sh1 ‘s wailing was in high pitch as he started to panicking more and more. Suddenly big s asked “what is this burning smell? Did you switch off the stove?”

Who would expect this will happen ? I was in the middle of preparing dosa and just came out to see whats going on. So the dosa in the pan started to burn it seems.

After hearing this ‘Big s’ decided to try the Frenchman’s suggestion.To get into our balcony, He went to the neighbor’s home , there walked got into their bathere walked on the one brick sidewall of our terrace without holding anything . Our home was in fourth floor.




Finally he came behind the door where sh1 can see him. By seeing him he stopped his cry and started to play with his toys. It was December 31st. And the temperature was 0 degree. Without proper clothing big s was standing in the balcony in that shivering cold.




Now how  get into the home? Our home was surrounded by balcony on three sides with number of  windows. ( It was a beautiful pent house) . big s rounded the balcony to see any of the window is open so that he can get inside.( The windows were big enough the human to enter. )Our  bad luck , Just five minutes back I Closed the kitchen windows. 😦

And  breaking of the window also not at all possible as the glasses were very thick. The French man found  the business card of some lock specialist and asked me whether he can call  him? I told yes immediately. He warned me he may charge double or triple as its late hours that too on new years holiday. I told Its O.K.

So he called and explained the situation in french . The lock specialist was concerned about the thing that a little guy trapped inside and accepted to come in 10 minutes. we all were waiting .Meanwhile the lovely French lady brought a  cup of tea with generous amount of sugar cubes to relax me.

I drank the tea , when my husband was freezing in the cold and my kid was trapping inside the locked door .  :lol :

He came exactly after 10 mins and scan the door and lock for half-minute . Then took out an inch size metal string from his bag ,insert it into the lock hole and turned it. zoom… The door opened.

As an emotional mom shown in movies , I ran inside and hugged sh1 ,who dint bother me at all and continued his play . meh… 🙄

The lock specialist charged us 300 CHF !!!!!.. 😯  what???!!! That Half a minute job costs 300 CHF?? ( I should have been a lock specialist in Geneva, rather than an engineer in India 😐 )

We thanked our neighbours and wished them happy new year.

Big s went into kitchen to see the dosa . Thank god the stove was in slow and so the dosa was burnt but not that much smoke came from that.



So the 2013 born with a burnt dosa and a lot of dramas.The things I learnt from this incident,

  1. Don’t follow your husband. 😉
  2. Dont move away from your mobile even for a minute. Till now I am following this. 😀
  3. Always memorize one of your local friend’s mobile No. ( Till now I can’t memorize) . 😳
  4. Will update when I remember.