Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, just a mom with a formerly colicky baby, sharing my experience. Always check with your doctor before giving your baby any medicine, changing routines, etc. What worked for us may or may not work for you and your baby – this is just my story and experience.

Date: 1st June 2011

Time: 11 P.M

  • I woke up by the shrill cry from sh1.(He was 40 days old baby then.) Immediately I knew this is not his normal hunger cry.  As time goes by, his screams became more and more. He started to twist, rolling up his legs and cried continuously, no matter how we bounce/rock/takes laps of walk /burp/feed/cuddle. Then, after some hours(around 3 ), when we decided to take him to the hospital he falls asleep.
  • As like most Indian Tamil moms I was in my mom’s home. My mom, dad and I watched the little baby’s cry helplessly. I was crying with him.
  • My mom told I myself was a colic baby. So ‘sh1’ may colic. I heard the word colic the first time. I surfed the web and found tons of information.
  • What is Colic? : colic has its own medical definition, but all you really need to know is that it’s your baby crying for hours at a time, many days in a row. “My mom’s brain didn’t believe anything other than “My baby is perfect. He won’t cry today”
  • Contrary to my belief, he cried the next day, the day after that, after that…. It lasts for 42 days. The first thing you may feel is guilt. somewhat somewhere you did something wrong, and that punishes your guilt free little one.  “No, not at all”.believe me it’s not you.
  • I took him to our family pediatrician who is very old and much experienced. After the thorough examination, she repeated the same as in internet pages. ” It’s just colic. nothing wrong  with him” .” Just colic ??!!!” 
  • As we were in the little village, our neighbors heard his piercing cry in the deep serene night. unlike city people, they came every morning with different suggestions to stop this.
  • As he was breastfed, they asked me to stop eat all the gassy food items.  I did that.stopped eating all the gassy things ( Potato, lentils, cabbage, beans etc )as far as I knew.No, it didn’t help.
  • Asked me to avoid particular fish types. Did so. didn’t help.
  • As per the internet suggestion, stopped taking dairy products for 2 weeks. Didn’t help.
  • Someone asked to apply a calamus (vasambu) paste around his navel. Tried that too and it didn’t help.
  • One of our neighbors asked us to do special pooja (padayal) to our nearby temple. We did that too.( why should spare that? ) I was in the state of doing anything than seeing my baby suffer like this. That too din’t help.
  • Then what else helped? nothing. Inevitably more than we expected or found tolerable, It has gone as it comes. Surprise !!! AT his 82nd day he didn’t cry in the night for the first time. I petrified to be happy. So I was waiting for couple more days to believe it gone for good.
  • Colic is more of emotional drought. Seeing your little one cry helplessly would break your heart. It would hurt you. The pain you see in the little one’s eyes and the thing of you couldn’t do anything to wipe it off was hideous.
  • I was depressed. Started to afraid of the night. Was curiously looking at the clock with the thought of today it won’t happen.But it happened daily around the same time and for same hours. I lost most of my pregnancy weight due to the depression.
  • It makes you irrationally angry. It causes a crazy swirling of emotions and thoughts. So please ask for help to your loved ones.Thanks to my mom who was my great moral support and always hold my little one and took laps of walk. I don’t know what I would have done without her.
  • I was continuously praying ” I am ready to awake the whole night with him, but please don’t make him suffer. Please don’t make him cry”. And finally the god almighty listened to me and stopped his distress cry but he didn’t sleep the whole night. ( and the following nights!!Yes, he was a night owl. That in another post) .

so all the moms out there who is crying now with their colic baby, “Remember, its a distressing episode. It will go as it comes. You are a wonderful mother, your baby loves you, one day he or she will stop crying.”

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