Date: March 20, 2017

It was a usual Monday up to ‘Sh1’ got down from bus with a green ribbon around his neck with a medal in his chest. The other moms at the bus stop were wondering what is he wearing. I was surprised too and it was “Student of the month “ award.




Other moms congratulated me and ‘sh1’ . He was so happy and proud. Me too.I was overjoyed. I was beamed the whole way from the bus stop to our home. I couldn’t resist my smile and couldn’t hide my happiness.Though he had some appreciation ribbon in swimming, It was his first academic award. Unlike other moms, I never ever spoken about this award at home. I have seen other moms told their kids to study well and try to get the award. But  I Didn’t.  I never even mention about this to ‘Sh1’. So it was a sweet surprise to me.

I knew this was nothing. Just a small award to appreciate the student. I am used to be a humble person and never showed off my victories to anyone. But being a mom is different. I wanted to announce the whole world about this. I Immediately called my mom and my MIL to inform.I was surprised by my own actions. But that is what being a mom.Right ??!!!

My joy was fulfilled when i saw his pic with other grade “student of the month” winners in his school common hall .I went to attend their spring celebrations.


Motivated by this or by natural instincts he won almost every game on that day except two. Even when I told him “It’s o.k to lose, have fun, “, “Celebrations are to have fun”, he didn’t even listen to me. He was driven with the force of “Win Everything”.  Hope he will have more success and happiness in life.

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