Date : 10 April 2017



Its kind of a sorrowful day. One of our friend’s family moving to other state.They are ready to start a new life in new state. Its just  one year friendship. She is not my best friend at all. Our opinions always differ. Her lifestyle is totally different one. But she is a nice companion in my lonely U.S life. Though some friends are here she is the only Tamil and that  makes her special.

As she is moving I feel sad and lonely again. This is the case in last two yearsin U.S life. First its  Kanya*. she was the first friend in U.S . She also came to U.S on the same time frame  and so we became friends easily.  Went some places together. We were getting to know each other and suddenly due to some problems she moved back to India. It was a shock to me. Then came Liya*. She was here for past 4 years and we became close as she is very near to my home and also Tamil. Suddenly she got a job offer in other state and moved over there. After two months priya* came with her family. She also have two kids(One of them is sh1 classmate too) and Tamil,so we became friends easily. And now she also moving away.

I wonder who will come to fill her place?  I wonder about my kids friendships.

I was in same school up to i finish my schooling and i still have contacts with my school friends. I met my  close and best friend  in L.K G. ( Kinder-garden) . Till date she is my bestie. We went to the same college , went to job together. Stayed together in Chennai. She is more  like my sister. That is a friendship for life .

What about my kids ? Sh1 changed 4 schools in 4 years in 3 different countries. He don’t have any constant friend. I don’t know how many places we will move further? And i wonder about their friendships. Each time we move from place to place not only they lost their friends but also learnt a lesson of should not be close with anyone. Its heart breaking to see our kids miss their friends. And its painful to see them struggle to get new friends.

I wish my kids would  grown up in my hometown with their street friends. Want them to go to college with their same school friends like me. Yearning that they would live my childhood   life which was without technology and lots of love and friendships.

*Fictional names for anonymity.

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