This post is for south Indian  moms. These things may be popular now .But 2 years back when i used them for sh2 everyone was asking about that . They want to know Where to find it and how useful they are.Even some of my friends who works in I.T were not aware  of the some of the following things. Even the moms who knew about it , wants to hear from experienced mom about their usefulness.  So here it is.

Nursing pillow :

To Know more about nursing pillow Nursing Pillow in India

This one is not yet reached everyone in India. Though some moms knew about it ,they are not  sure how useful it is.As per my experience its very useful .The new mom particularly who went  c- section delivery would really appreciate this. Its make feeding comfortable.It reduces the back pain that comes because of wrong position feeding.It will be very useful for first three months. I bought one from amazon but i guess lot of baby stores in Chennai having this now a days.

Nursing cover:

Its kind of a half size apron. It is also unpopular due to our dressing style. The salwar dupatta is enough for most of the Indian moms. But most of my dupattas are so thin and transparent. And when you wear a western dress like front button shirt, its handy. Its very useful for travels and the hospital waiting rooms. (As other than high end hospitals most of the pediatrician clinics don’t have separate nursing rooms in India)

Formula dispenser :


If you are feeding formula this is an essential thing for travel. I didn’t use formula ever but it was handy for cerelac or other kind of baby ready made foods. During travel times you can measure your formula / cerelac in each box . And its narrow mouth makes it easy to pour the formula in the bottle without mess.

Mine is a BPA free one and i bought it in Geneva. while searching in India for one of my friend i found it in online baby stores.

Highchair  :


Though its some what costly in India i highly recommend this. Its easy to train your babies about food time . And can encourage them to eat by themselves as the mess will be around it and so cleaning is easy.(i will write a detail post  later that how i train my sh2 to eat by himself when he was 14 months old ). If you feel like its over priced, look for it in OLX. Lot of used / unused (practically new ) high chairs are available for half of the original price.

Baby bath tub :



Though many knew about this still hesitate to buy because of having doubt about its usefulness and its price.If you are comfortable with our traditional method of bathing the child (make your child lying on your stretched legs and bath him ) then its not necessary. If you are like me who is not comfortable with that then its highly useful . Buy with a sling for initial days. When the baby can able to sit you can remove the sling and can use the tub alone.

If you have any doubt about any of the above things feel free to ask below in comment section. I will be Happy to answering you.

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