• Like Colic it also started at ‘Sh1’s’  5th week. He threw up  after the feeding. The first few times everyone told its normal for babies to spit out a little , including my   mom .
  • but he didn’t spit out a little. Its the whole meal. After 20 minutes of feeding he almost threw up everything. It was bugging me and my intuition said something is wrong .when it reached like ,after every feeding, he vomited everything, I took him to the pediatrician.
  • So the 1st pediatrician told its a “Reflux” . And given some medicines for that. But it didn’t stop the vomiting.
  • Unlike western countries “Reflux ” is not known by many in India.When I asked anyone about this (my elderly relatives , My new mommy friends) their answer was relatively same as i never heard about this or it happens sometimes at babies. But its not sometimes with my baby but always.
  •  What is Reflux?
    There is a ring of muscle or a valve at the top of the stomach which usually closes when feeding has finished. When a baby has gastric reflux this valve hasn’t matured properly and doesn’t close.So the baby  vomit up part of every feed and causes the baby discomfort/pain. This is known as “Visible Reflux”
  • I consulted  5 different pediatricians and all gave the same explanation . But none of them bother about it much as his weight gain was  good .
  • But it didn’t stop me feeling sorry for myself and stressed out. Every other time he was vomited, I felt like cry out loud. Other than that he was ok. He never refused for feeding. He never cried even after vomiting.
  • I read some where that Visible Reflux is more of a laundry issue and that ‘s damn true. Every now and then myself and the baby got soaked with a vomited ,bad odored milk all over us.  And nearly i changed 5 to 8 dresses , and took 3 times bath daily.And you don’t need me to tell about the little one. Each and every time need to wipe him entirely with a warm water and sponge. And it results him caught cold.
  • And the bed sheets , (we bought 4 new sets),beds, the baby cradle,toys etc. Our washing machine was continuously running day and night without any rest. And everyone in the house  worked  to make sure to clean everything and every time.
  • you can’t leave a uncleaned dress or room for five minutes as the entire room would get foul smell. So we can’t wait for the maid to come and clean. it was a day and night work. And we all exhausted. 
  • I want it to over and I can’t tolerate his vomit  and the sufferings any more. So  i went to other  pediatrician  to get some remedy for this. she asked me to take a scan of his head. (That another What????!!! moment.) She told she wants to make sure that everything is normal with the baby.
  • But why should i scan his head when the problem was with his stomach?? She told some medical terms and explained some part of brain is responsible for this and she wants to make sure that everything is normal. (I still don’t know whether it’s true or not.)
  • I chose  not to do that. But to demolish my built up confidence ,his reflux was severe by the following days and her words “To make sure everything is normal” repeated in my head.
  • I was in a dilemma ,and i afraid that if i didn’t make sure , that “everything is normal” i will regret later if something would seriously wrong with him.
  • So finally I decided to take the scan and went to the scan center. But how to make the baby lie still when they scanned his head.
  • They gave the sleeping medicine to 3 months old baby. I was crying the whole time. My mom was the one who was with the baby when they took the scan as i didn’t have a strength to digest this. ( I knew about babies went through chemo for their cancer and compared to that this is nothing, But i didn’t have that much stronger mind then, and believe me every child is special to their mom, any kind of suffering is big for them.)giving sleeping medicine for the 11 weeks old baby to scan his head was unimaginable for me.
  • Thank god the scan result was normal. ( I don’t know whether she just wants to get the commission from the scan center, But when she told everything is fine, I was relaxed a bit.) So I asked her when will it stop. What can i do for it? She told the same thing as  other pediatricians.
  • It depends on babies growth, we cant do much other than giving medicine for his burnt throat and  stomach because of the acid which may give discomfort to him. When the valve got matured it will be over. But when will it happen , nobody knows.
  • It may be at his 3 months or 6 months or 1 year or even at his 5 years. But most of the babies got over it by one year was the nearest solace answer i got.
  • It  was a stressful time. Even though you knew what is wrong with your baby , Its still giving you anxiety , every time you see him vomit.  With  colic on the night and “Reflux” on the day it was a nightmare. And i never expected my motherhood would be like that.
  • Finally it reduced a lot around 6 months then completely stopped at  his 7th month when he was able to sit.
  • So the mommies who is going through this now, I want you to know you are a great mum and it is tough, I know it is.  But you will make it through.  Breathe.  Let yourself cry.  Accept help. One day your baby will grow up and get rid off  “Reflux”


 Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, just a mom with a formerly “Reflux” baby, sharing my  experience. Always check with your doctor before giving your baby any medicine, changing routines, etc.


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