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Sh1 brought this flyer today from school. In U.S.A they celebrate  April month as “Anti child abuse month” and they gave this flyer and taught about how to be safe. The lack of awareness is the main reason for most of the child abuse case(that includes not alone sexual abuse but any kind of harm ) . So don’t hesitate to teach your kids about their body and how to handle unusual situations. Here I am sharing the things i knew from various sources like FB, forums, articles etc..  Better safe than sorry.

  • When ‘Sh1’ started his preschool at his 2.5 years I played with him the “Good Touch” and “Bad Touch”  game , and” i told him that nobody should do the bad touch. if anybody did, shout them a big “No” . And later should tell  mom when u come home”. Guess what happens?
  • When i went to pick  him up his caretaker complained that he dint allow her to clean him after a soiled diaper. 😦    . These generation kids are so smart if you teach them once they will grasp it so quickly. Then i explained to him ” She is allowed to touch so that she can clean him”.
  • So teach them about “Good Touch” , “Bad touch”. And ask them not to keep any secret as mentioned in  above flyer.
  • Teach them to do their bathroom activities on their own,once they reached appropriate age.
  • Tell  them via stories , what to do at unusual situations ( For e.g say a girl x , when she is alone at home , somebody knocks on the door,what she would do?…. )
  • Tell some example of  how to ask help to appropriate people who won’t take advantage of the situation.
  • Teach how and whom to call at emergency situations.
  • Up to certain age never leave your child to be alone with anyone, though they are close relative/friends/neighbors.( Our society became that much worst. we cant predict or believe anyone to be good )
  •  when some known person calling them to show something interesting to them ( Come on , I have a new dog/fish etc) tell them to answer back like ” I will come with my mom to see that”  .
  • keep an eye on the person who is offering sweets/gifts more often and don’t encourage them.
  • Make sure they are with other kids in their tuition centers ,extra curricular activities. Tell them to say no if any instructors asked them to stay back. ( Encourage them to say ‘My mom told not to be alone with anyone” that will make the culprit to back away.)
  • If its a one to one class try to be with your kid  . If not possible to be around , investigate about the teacher / instructor thoroughly before make them join there.    ( As i told better safe than sorry) .
  • Before make them join in daycare, preschool make a full round of investigation about the institution. their teachers, caregivers, safety issues everything. now a days lot of schools having full time live cameras where you can watch your kid from your home/office. Choose them.
  • If your child is  not willing to go/stay with anyone (though they are close relatives/friends )then don’t force them. And later ask about the reason for their behavior when the person is not around.
  • If your child is complaining about some one in their school ( Teachers, Care givers, Drivers) don’t think if you raise your voice it will affect their academic year . Remember their life is more important than one missed school year.
  • Once i read  the case in one of the parenting forum , a girl who kept complaining about the caregiver and the mom decided to inquire about it. when she asked the other girls they all told the same . Further questions revealed the abuse.It was a shock.
  • when she asked the girls whether they told to their parents , half of them didn’t . The remaining half said to their parents something like ” I scared / don’t like the caregiver”. but their parents didn’t take it seriously.  So don’t neglect your kids complaint.
  • Once I heard a mom say ,” Thank God , I have a boy baby  after hearing a news about abused girl child “. What an ignorance???!!! .
  • As per 2007 statistics in India 57% of the child abuse cases were boys. ( Thanks to wikipedia) . So boy baby parents don’t believe in the myth of boy babies are more safer than girl babies. 
  • As mentioned in the flyer we can’t have rules for everything, use your common sense. If your intuition says something is wrong , most of the time that will be the case. So if you feel something is bothering your kid don’t hesitate to take action.

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