So this idea was work out with ‘sh1’. One weekend when he was so bored to do anything I called him to make a laundry folding board. Teaching our kids to participate in household chores make them independent. And its a great way to spend some time in this summer vacation as playing outside is nearly impossible in this temperature range(Meant India 😛  .

But  I don’t want to give here the step by step by procedure of how to make the board as it’s not my own inventive idea. If you  google “laundry folding board DIY “ lot of results will come. You can choose to follow anything as its an easiest one, and so wrong result is nearly impossible.

All you need for this is,

  • Cardboard ( i used the amazon parcel box )
  • Knife or scissors to cut
  • Duct tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

I involved sh1 in making the board. And so he was so curious to see how to use the board. I showed him how to fold with the board few times.  And he did the entire basket full of his clothes, Within 15 mins.

If you have any doubt about how to fold the shirts and pants search in youtube.  Again i don’t want to refer any particular video or website here as it may violate the ethics. So please do the search part yourself.

So after 3 days he  folded another basket full of his dried clothes by showing their grandparents how he is using the board to fold the clothes in video call..(Proud mom moment huh.. 🙂 )

From that on either he alone or with my help he folded his clothes by himself.

I don’t know whether will it work with other kids. Why don’t you try with your kid and let me know whether its a success or not in the comment section?

Keys to remember

  • Don’t forget to involve your kid to make the board.They love to use something they made.
  • Make the board appropriate for their cloth size.Not too big
  • Or if you can’t make by yourself they are available in amazon for INR 499, It is adjustable and so it will work for yours as well as your kids’ clothes.The below one has good reviews too.

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