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First thing is first. This is not a sponsored post. I didn’t receive this book free for my review here. Anything I written here is my own opinion and experience.

This book was a gift from my lovely dad when I was 8 months pregnant with sh1(2011).
I got it’s Tamil version “ungal kulanthai” by Dr. R.K Anand(vikatan prasuram). I couldn’t find this Tamil version book online now. Mine was a 2008 version and some topics were outdated in that. But this one is revised at 2012 and so i believe it may include all recent topics.

Its a “must have” for every new Indian Parents. A to Z guide for parenting especially  “Indian parenting”. Unlike other foreign author books it’s written for Indian parents.

I insisted Indian Parents because we are in the middle of following our own traditional methods and try to adapt it  modern way. Simply saying we are always in a dilemma of whether to follow the traditional things which followed in generations or to listen to our new age doctor’s advise. Dr.Anand  beautifully explains the reason for most of the traditional things we followed and explains why we should follow that or why shouldn’t we continue that.

And It almost cover each and every topic every parent should know. From “what age is perfect to be pregnant” to “how to manage adolescents” .The wide topic coverage is the big point . Some topics covered in this book are,

  • How to prepare yourself for pregnancy
  • Pregnancy complications and how to cope with that
  • Delivery complications and the solutions
  • Normal differences of new born babies
  • breast feeding doubts
  • diapering,
  • when to introduce solids,how to do it
  • Milestones of babies
  • vaccination charts
  • height weight chart
  • What toys are appropriate for what age
  • home remedies for fever and other normal diseases
  • how to prepare the elder kid for new baby arrival
  • co sleeping is ok or not ?
  • what are the psychological problems faced by kids at various ages…

ha.. what not????   He almost covered each and every topic in enormous detail. I don’t think anything he missed out or anything is unnecessary. Unlike other Child care books,the  narration is  not boring . (No offense here.Most of the other child care books I read is not narrating the facts interestingly.Or didn’t cover all the topics like this one     😕 ).

Generally speaking it’s a google that every Indian parents should have in their home.I can hear you asking why can’t we surf  all these topics in google then?

I will tell you why.Dr. Anand is an experienced pediatrician for years.  I could feel a lot of difference between randomly seeking answer in unknown  website  than the experienced pediatrician who well known about Indian parenting system.  I feel more safe to follow this guide than any other website advise.

There is no negatives in the book?

One tiny thing that bothered me was, the food habits and the example of baby foods given are North Indian, there is no mentioning of south Indian foods. But Compared to the other factors I think its negligible.

So the conclusion is I Like this book and I personally Recommend it to every parent.

If you wish to give a useful gift to new parents or parents to be, It’s a wonderful choice.


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