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So for the second lesson we drove to the residential area where he allowed me to drive the car. But it was a disaster as i explained in my previous post. I almost hit a car in front of me . After that lesson I lost  my confidence. There is no way to practice other than the driving lessons. I thought if i practice more i may come out of my fear. But  I don’t know how could I practice without a car.

I googled the same thing. ( Sounds foolish? But google answered me .. 😀 ) And some one in some forum suggested to have a video game with real steering wheel,gas &brake pedals. I was so happy. When i suggested this to big s he was looking at me like “suddenly what happened to you? why you became so insane ?”. He explained patiently how the simulators won’t give real life experience. But i was not convinced (though it made sense I want to practice the driving  badly and so i don’t want to listen to him )

I told the same idea to my brother who s  mechanical engineer and working on car engine designing in a reputed automotive company. After hearing my idea he almost spitted in the phone . “Don’t do those stupid things . Try to practice in the road . Don’t waste u r money and energy … Why are you struggling like this.. Its so easy to drive   automatic gear cars”..

But  I couldn’t see the road da..

“Then adjust the seat to your height”..

“I did.. But I don’t know how to explain.. How to guess how much road is there on the other side??

“Wait.. what you expect?? like riding a cycle or scooty you think you can see the road below you???”

“wow.. exactly da.. i didn’t know how to explain that.. you got it”..

After a heart full laugh he told ..” silly.. how can you see the road below you when you are in a car?? you just practice you will get the idea soon”.so i dropped the idea of getting video game. I don’t have any other option other than waiting for the next weekend.

So the 3rd class grandpa came with an oldest car. I never seen that much old car . The seat belt was broken . And the gas pedal , I need to almost stand on that, then only the car will move.. Ok.. Grandpa was afraid to allow me to drive his new car so he got this old car from his old garage to teach me driving… what a shame.

he started to teach me maneuverability.  For the driving test I have to pass this maneuverability . I have to drive through the path shown below where the traffic cones will be there on the marked spot. Should drive through the cones (Left or Right) and should come back in the same path. If i knock down any cones then i failed.


After completing this have to take a road test where i have to drive in the residential area by following all the road rules while license officer sitting besides me and observe my driving.. Uh…

Our grandpa has the cones and put them as shown in pic and asked me to drive through that.. sigh.. in that 2 hrs of practice not even single time i came through without hitting the cone. If i turn steering wheel on one side the car is going on the other side. I controlled myself not to bang my head on steering wheel by shouting ” Ayyo ayyo ” repeatedly.. grandpa and me almost lost hope that i will learn to drive .

When i told everything to big s he asked me to go for another 8 hrs lesson. At this stage i was like, “Driving the car is that much big thing??? Can’t I do that??.. You wait there car.. I am coming for you.. What ever happens I am going to drive you… “  So i didn’t mind about spending another $250 this time..

So on  4th class i told to grandpa i want to extend my class to another 8 hrs and he readily accepted . That day he took me to one riverside path where i practiced nearly full 2 hrs . Don’t know what happened but suddenly  my driving is much better. 

So for the 5th lesson he took me to the downtown where i have to stop every 500 feet once for stop signals and pedestrians.  And lot of small roads and turnings where i was mastered at the steering wheel. 6th lesson we drove to the highway. I was driven the car at 65 miles per hr. I was so happy. Suddenly i felt like i got wings . I enjoyed driving at high speed .( i enjoyed it because grandpa was having his side brake. if i did anything wrong he would control the vehicle, that given me great confident ) .

Meanwhile i have to taken an appointment for my driving test. We decided to take grandpa’s car itself as i practiced with it, it would be easy for me .for that he charged $60 extra. ( I spent almost $560 as of now ) when i look at the website for driving test appointment the latest appointment availability was 3 months from that day.

Grandpa has worked in driving license office before retirement and he asked me to take that appointment but keep on looking at the schedules . If some body cancelled on next week can get an appointment next week itself. I badly wanted a appointment on the following week as i believed if i take a gap then i would forgot all and all this money and effort would be waste.  Luckily got an appointment on the following Tuesday after  spending 2 days with laptop day and night (Even woke up at midnight to check any slots are available) .

So for 7th lesson we went to the driving office itself on Sunday to practice maneuverability and road test. I was horrible at maneuverability.  I could not go and come  back without knock down the cones. Grandpa was so angry ,he decided to give  up on maneuverability and we went for a road test. I was driving through all the possible streets the officer may take.

At one place i didn’t stop the car at stop sign and grandpa shouted “stooopppp…” suddenly..  And I pressed the gas pedal instead of brake and the car ran to the side curb platform. before it hitting the wall of a house grandpa pressed the brake . I could hear my own heart beat.  Was too tensed to drive the car. So grandpa took the control from his side, moved the car back to the road. He dropped me at home and told  lets meet on Monday for the last driving lesson.

I lost all my confidence.  I even afraid to touch the steering wheel . At the same time want to get a driving license too. If i fail any one of the test(Either maneuverability or road test) then i have to retake it within 6 months. If i fail continuously  3 attempts then for 1 year i can’t retake the test.

So on Monday i was ready for my lesson. Got a call from a new number. Some one named Jake spoken. He explained he is grandpa’s son. Due to some reason grandpa couldn’t come. So he will teach me the last lesson and also will come for driving test too. I was shocked.

To be continued…

For the next part How I met My Driving License III

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