Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom & Baby:

By the time you are 35 weeks pregnant, you might want to keep your bags ready to be able to rush to the hospital. It is important to keep a list of what to pack for you and baby. I have given the List of Items, I know necessary for your hospital stay. And also given a printable checklist at the end of the post.

For Mom:

Dresses : 

Purchase few comfortable nursing dresses( Or nursing nighty) well before, Wash & dry them and keep it ready. I would suggest to buy at least half a dozen at first. For me, I couldn’t find a proper size nursing nighty at any stores. Either it will be too big or too small. So I bought and altered it. That s why told to buy well before so that if it’s not fit for you, you can have time for alteration. If you do not prefer to wear nighties then invest on few front open dresses.

Nursing Bras & Underwears:

you can find them in all top branded underwear stores. I would suggest to buy one size up.Like nighties, you need at least half a dozen of it.And my suggestion is, don’t buy the Velcro types. They are useless after 3 or 4 washes.

Buy some Bra  Extensions too. They are really helpful.

For panties, if you are having ‘c section’ then try to buy the one with special liners which are easy to wear on stitches.Like Bras buy at least some of them one size up.

Nursing Pads:

They help to hold the leakage. I won’t say they are necessary for every new mom but it is if you have a heavy leakage. Two types are available in market.  Reusable and disposable. Each type has its own advantage/Disadvantage. I personally never used this and so I didn’t know much about it.

Sanitary Pads:

For first few days they will provide at the hospital but after that, you have to buy. Buy the brand you are used with.Don’t try new brands at this critical time.

Nursing Pillows & covers: 

They make feeding easier for new moms. To know more about nursing pillow(brand, Where to buy,  how useful it is) click the following link.

Nursing Pillow in India

unlike western countries, In India, we have so many visitors upon new baby’s arrival. And so the pack the nursing covers or thick shawls or stoles.

Towels & Toiletries:

Pack your bathroom needs. Soap, body wash, shampoo,  toothbrush, toothpaste and of course bath towels. you can buy a travel size toiletries ( Sachets instead of big size bottles)so that you can throw them after use, in the hospital itself.

Hair accessories:

Comb, hair band, hair clips. anything to help you to pull back your hair from falling on your face.


Medical Records, Mobile phone, and charger, Comfortable slippers( Preferably flipflops. Easy to wear and remove). And a set of good dress (salwar, sarees …) to go back home.

For Baby:

Newborn Baby Diapers/Cloth Diapers:

Buy at least two pack of good brand newborn baby diapers. Pack at least 12 per day. If you are going to use cloth diapers (keep the number in mind and bring that many nappies) you need to pack the diaper pins too.

To know how to make and use cloth nappies & diaper pins click below.

How to make cloth nappy.
Wipes & changing mat:

Pack good brand wipes. Changing mats are helpful for protecting your bed from wet and mess.

Quick dry sheets:

Pack a good brand quick dry sheets. Easy to wash and reuse. They are extremely helpful for protecting the beds.

Baby dresses:

Want to know what dresses you need to buy for a newborn? Visit this

New Born Dresses – India

wrapping towels & Blankets:

Buy at least 4 wrapping towels. If you are using cloth nappies then you need more. remember they are different from bath towels and blankets. And pack one or two blankets for the baby cradle.

small cotton hand clothes:

They are useful to clean the spit up and to wipe baby’s mouth after each feeding.

Baby Toiletries:

Ask you doc/ped to suggest a good brand baby toiletries and buy them. Pack a baby soap, shampoo, bathtub ( if you prefer not to use the hospital provided one), Bath towels.


Baby carry bed are very useful particularly when the visitors want to hold the baby. It’s hygienic too. Pack a set of good dress to bring back your bundle of happiness to the home.

Here is the Printable checklist for hospital bag:

Hospital Bag Checklist Printable

Hospital Bag Checklist Printable


If I missed something, please let me know by comment below.Have a happy and safe delivery.


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