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How I Met My Driving License -I

How I Met My Driving License- II



I was so angry with grandpa . I never expected, he would have done this to me  at this last minute. But after seeing Jake’s car I was happy. Unlike grandpa’s car his car was brand new dual controlled .

He asked What I need to practice for tomorrow driving test. How could I tell him I need to practice everything? I replied him “first I need to practice maneuverability”.  He taught me some tricks like where to turn the steering left and where to turn it right etc. Guess what? Those tricks were so easy to follow and first time  I have done maneuverability without hitting  the cones. I was elated. Why didn’t the grandpa teach me this tricks at first place? Then I practiced the same thing again and again for an hour. I regained my confidence. 

I was so terrible at parking, so with a hope of Jake might have known some tricks for that too, I told him I need to practice the parking too. But sadly he didn’t teach any tricks for that 😦 . But after some practice I was o.k.

So all set for the test. That night I didn’t sleep at all. Had so many nightmares. The next day morning, I felt sick.  But got ready for the test. While waiting for Jake ,I was extremely nervous. Was thought about my school speech competition.

It happened at my 7th std. I was good at dancing and singing. But not at speech . One of my teacher wants me to give speech about discipline at some school celebration . I started to prepare a month before and very well prepared.  I was behind the stage ,next was my turn to show up and to deliver the speech . Suddenly I felt sick. I felt giddy . I couldn’t feel my legs. I was thinking ” What the hell I made myself into? Why in the first place I want to do this? Why did I accept for this? ”

I was in the same mind set.“Why did I want to learn driving at first place? Why should I involved myself into this ? But I can’t go back now. If I fail in this test I can’t afford any more driving lessons to practice and I couldn’t practice in our car too. So I have to pass this test. Other wise I should forget about getting driving license.

At this crisis point I was in anonymous state. Everything happened around me was not registering in my mind properly. Its was like happening in my dream.

Jake came at 10 o clock. We went to the driving license office  at 10.30 for 11 o clock appointment. We went inside the office and waiting for my turn. One big officer came .  Asked me to get into the car and start the engine. Did the same. Asked me to put right indicator then left then applied brakes. He noted all the signals were working properly then  got into the car.

First I took the maneuverability test.  And I did it correctly 😀 . Then we went for the road test. And as far as i knew i did everything properly (maintaining correct speed level marked in the board, stopped at the stop sign ,put indicators properly). We Came back to the office . He asked me to park.  OMG… But this time god was with me I seen an empty parking slot straight to me. So I went over there and parked, instead of doing left or right side parking. He got down and went into the office. I was nervous. He gave me my test paper. In a small handwriting , he written “Passed” 😀 . (Why couldn’t he tell me this in the car itself?, I almost thought I failed ..)

Huh… My face would have exploded with happiness. I could not believe I Passed my driving test on my first attempt ..   He reduced my marks for wide turning and for me checked my position during maneuverability.  But still i passed. I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST . I called ‘big s’ immediately and he told congratulations before i informed him my test result. I asked him how come he knew. He replied “I knew by my instincts”.  😉

Jake congratulated me and dropped me at home. I celebrated the whole day by calling each and everyone to tell about this(To grandpa also).

A week later we went to another office and showed my test result ,got my driving license,( Or should I tell met my driving license? 😉 ).

But I didn’t start to drive the car right after getting my license. First I started to drop sh1 at his school bus stop. I was still terrible at parking. Used to park where there was no cars nearby. But one day my bad luck I couldn’t find a parking lot without cars nearby. I was in the middle of two cars and so I tried to park in between. I went back and forth  to make my car parallel to the parking. After two attempts sh1 from back seat told, “Amma pls don’t hit any car. If you hit and the police arrested you where will I get New mom? ”  😀  “. (Note he didn’t worry about me getting arrested, His concern was he can’t find new mom? 😡 )

After  I have a confident that I can drive alone , I started to drive to the nearby shopping center, library etc… Now I am o.k . I am still not comfortable to drive in highway and all.. But anywhere around 5 miles from home I can drive …

And you know what?  I love  driving… It gives me wings to fly 🙂 ….

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