Feeding  Pillow- India Reviews:

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When I used the nursing pillow for Sh2 Most of my hospital visitors and home visitors inquired about this. As that was the first time most of them came to know this kind of pillows are available. So I wanted to give a detailed post about it.

I Used Nina brand Feeding Pillow. Bought it from Amazon India. Cost around 1500 Rs when I bought.But now It cost around 1200+50 Rs. delivery charge.

For sh1 I  didn’t even know about this feeding pillow at all.
But for sh2  when I was searching some other stuff in amazon I have seen it. By curiosity, I started to surf about it. It seems very useful. For sh1 I used normal pillows which were not so comfortable. Even though pillow support is only required for 3 months I thought it would be helpful.
But it cost around 1500 INR  that time and so I hesitated a little. Felt like If I get some good reviews from moms who used this already It would give some Insight. But that time as I told I couldn’t find any reviews even on amazon. And my ‘mom friends’ don’t have any idea about it.

I decided to test it by myself. Invested 1500 Rs and I would say that was a good investment.Here is my review,

  • The feeding pillow is such a useful one especially for the moms who undergone c section.
  • It’s strong but soft nature helps to hold the baby firmly.
  • The height of the pillow was perfect for me. And for the first month, I almost didn’t keep it down.
  • But after 3 months the baby has outgrown it .
  • It has the removable cover and so easy to wash. The pillow will get stains easily(But anything used for baby will get stains easily). So If you are looking for any other brand pillow make sure they have a removable and washable cover.


  • No manual to explain how to use it though it was easy to use.
  • Once the baby outgrows it, it’s useless.( Unless you decided to use it for your next baby 😉  ) Can use only up to 3 months.So think twice before you buy it if you are in tight budget.

Recommendations to manufacturers:

Can provide one more pillow cover so when one is in wash can use the spare one.


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