How to choose New Born Dresses:

Shopping for newborn dresses will be every parent’s exciting moment. The cute tiny dresses, socks, caps makes me want to buy the entire shop. So what will be difficult in choosing dresses? That too for a newborn?

I made some mistakes while buying dresses for my sh1. I don’t have any idea about how many dresses baby needs for a day and what kind of dresses would be fine for him and so at first I was out of dresses especially sh1 as a  “Reflux” baby. Then I bought a lot of dresses which were soon too small for him 😦 .

Two important points to remember is,

  • Unlike adults, babies need to be changed a lot of times.
  • And they are soon outgrown of their dresses.
  • So we can’t predict how much dresses we need for a baby exactly. But here I tried to give some generic Idea for this.

Things to consider before buying baby clothes:

Choose Proper Material:

The material baby clothes are made of should be strong, durable and at the same time must be safe as well. For India weather condition soft cotton fabric would be a best choice for babies. For Winter babies choose a thick natural materials.

Avoid Tight Elastics:

Tight clothes, particularly those with elastics can be very uncomfortable for babies. Check elastics to make sure they are not too tight.

Don’t Buy Scratchy  Clothes:

Scratchy garments can irritate a baby’s skin. Zippers, Velcro, and other attachments can cause clothes to scratch. Some kinds of material such as wool, can be scratchy. Feel the clothes when you shop and remember that baby’s skin is much more sensitive than ours.So, when you shop for newborn baby clothes, feel the seams and check for bulges, sharp edges, etc.

Check for Choking Hazards :

Anything that can come loose from newborn baby clothes can become a choking hazard. This includes buttons, pieces of cloth or yarn, string, etc. Check every article of clothing after every wash. Don’t go for fancy frocks with lot of beads and other choking hazard items.

Easy to put on/Remove :

For first 3 months consider buying a dress that can be easily put on /remove from baby without causing much fuss. The shoulder buttons/snap buttons are more safe and easy to use. When choosing onesie , dungarees, rompers,jumbers try to buy one with a snap buttons in overall dresses . They are easy to put on/remove and for diaper change they are very helpful.

What kind of dresses will  a Newborn Baby Need?

For this we first need to know the weather of the place you are residing at. Buying a fleece dress set in India at this hot summer is stupidity. First make a list of what kind of dresses baby need at that particular weather condition.

Lets divide the babies into Summer Babies( Born between March to October) and Winter Babies ( Born between November to March)

Summer babies Dress Need:

Daily wears:

My Sh1 was a summer baby. The dresses I bought for him were useless as most of the time he was comfortable with sleeveless jablas or vests.

So I would suggest to go for a jablas. The simple front or shoulder open Sleeveless dresses which are easy to put on/remove. Make sure they are made up of nice cotton material. They are opt for the first month.

As in India, most of the time first-month babies are not going out much other than hospital visits. So jablas are suitable for home wear. Don’t buy the Velcro types. They are scratchy.

 Special Occasion Dresses:

Buy two or three nice outfits(Frocks or silk pavadai set for girls, Nice dungarees or T-shirt short set for boys ) for special occasions ( Like naming ceremony) and vaccination visits. Remember they will be outgrown of the dresses soon and so invest on this special dresses accordingly.

Caps , socks, shoes, mittens are useless in summer. when I made sh1 wear shocks for vaccination visit he got irritated, after removing it I found his feet were full of sweat. So try to avoid these things.

For Winter Babies:

Contrast to sh1 , Sh2 was a winter baby. This time I got some idea about dressing and so I bought nice thick, half sleeve, front open, collarless shirts( they are not T – shirts ). They are easy to wear /remove and suitable for winter season. I bought them from “CARZ N DOLLZ” in East Tambaram. They had a very nice collection of season oriented newborn dresses. Stacking nicely in month wise rows. Any East Tambaram to Medavakkam mom to be readers can try over there.

“CARZ N DOLLZ” Newborn to 3 months dress collection:


Bought two sweaters, socks and cap. They are must for winter babies.

Special Occasion Dresses:

Same as Summer babies.

2 Months to 6 months:

The same things are applicable to each month. Probably the first month baby dresses won’t fit for the second month and so on. You can’t expect the 3 months baby dresses would be fit for 6 months. So for each month buy at least half a dozen to dozen daily wear and two or three special occasion dresses.

Summarizing all the above things I am giving a table below:


Summer Babies Daily Wears Special Occasion Dresses Accessories
1st month At least a Dozen jablas Frocks, Easy to snap dungarees, T-shirts Shorts, Pattu Paavadai. Sunny Cap(buy 0 to 3 months would be helpful ), If you prefer nice cotton shocks
2nd month Half a dozen jablas /vests/ single dress /Nighties/ simple straight frocks Same as above same as above
3 rd month Half a dozen jablas /vests/ single dress /Nighties/ simple straight frocks Same as above same as above


Winter Babies Daily Wears Special Occasion Dresses Accessories
1st month At least a dozen easy to snap onesie/Collarless front open shirts Frocks, Easy to snap dungarees, T-shirts jeans, PAttu Paavadai. Shocks, Mittens, at l least 2 sweaters, Caps ( 0 to 3 months size caps are better)
2nd month Half a dozen onesie /collarless shirts/ single dress /Nighties/ simple straight frocks Same as above Same as above
3 rd month Half a dozen onesie /collarless shirts/ single dress /Nighties/ simple straight frocks Same as above  

Same as above

If you want the printable version of the table to make your shopping easy, click below 

New Born Dress


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