Earth Day – Transportation Day Project: Bottle Car:

Sh1 Brought this assignment from school. They are celebrating Earth Day and Transportation Day. And so asked to make any type of vehicle with a recycled materials. Wow.. That s one amazing Idea.  With this assignment, they can learn about vehicles as well as the importance of recycling. 


New Doc 2017-04-23_2New Doc 2017-04-23_2

Unlike his other assignments, I asked ‘Big s’ to do this. So both dad and son googled for ideas. They found this one interesting and easy to make. Here are the pictures of the final product.

And sh1 got above 90% for his presentation. (hurray .. Proud Mom 😉 )Other than drilling a hole in bottle everything was done by sh1 by his dad’s instructions.

Its so easy to make . If you think its tough to drill a hole in bottle  ,you can use a thick cardboard cylinders (Like Tissue Paper Holders) . We used  Pencils for holding the wheels. and Pickle bottle caps for wheels. For holding the caps with the bottle we used some cloth strings(Instead of rubber bands as we need to use recycled materials).

I don’t want to give a step by step procedure, as it’s not our inventive idea. You can google for the steps. As I told its easy to make and great summer activity for kids.


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