My kitchen was floating.. yes you are reading it right. It was literally floating. The wooden floor was covered by water for an inch. And my stove, Mixie, Grinder, Toaster everything filled with water. The basket full of dried clothes kept on the kitchen floor was dripping with water. And for the worst the water went into power sockets too .. I was afraid to switch on anything…

It was a normal Saturday until I encountered this big disaster. The next day was ‘sh2’s’ 2nd birthday. I planned a “Mom & Kids” Pizza party. Cleaned my entire home for the past one week. After a week’s hard work , now my kitchen has floating and I was about to cry.

How’s that happened?

My curious 2-year-old ‘sh2’ recently found the kitchen sink hand shower.playing in it was extremely funny for him. At first, he pulled his little chair to the sink, climbed on it and by standing on that he spraying the shower. So we hid his chair.

Then he pulled the dining table chair to perform his spraying. We tied the chair’s legs with a table leg. And so he couldn’t have fun with the shower.

Finally, our little sh2’s mastermind figured out a new way to have his fun while I was in the bath. He took the sofa cushions from the sofa. Slowly pulled them to the sink. Then removed remaining cushions too and stacked them one by one. (It’s larger than him 😦 still he managed to do this, My bad luck I guess). By standing on that he sprayed the shower in all directions for full 5 mins without mom’s disturbance. After having enough fun when he decided to settle down mom came out of the bathroom and was shocked by seeing her kitchen floating in the water.

It took almost an hour to clean the entire kitchen. I didn’t use the electric sockets for rest of the day .( easy to read But prepare a menu without involving the grinding part was tough 😦   ) .

Recently have read this somewhere.

“Here’s what I’ve learned about raising boys… if you keep them busy, they’re fine. You let them get bored, they’ll dismantle your house board by board.(Mine decided to make the house float in water instead of dismantling it.. 😉 ).

How true it is… And it happens time by time. spilled the entire bag full of rice into carpet floor (nearly took two hours for me to clean even with vacuum cleaner ), Broken the porcelain plates into half, randomly checked all the kitchen drawers and throw things that he found useless for his fun, climbing on the tables, jumping into the bathtub, trying to fit his giraffe ride on(almost a size of a tricycle ) into dryer,throw randomly collected things( pens,crayons, my earrings, hair bands, toothbrush, comb etc.. ) into dishwasher etc…

It doesn’t matter how many toys you bought for, they are more interested in playing with the door knobs, door stoppers, dishwasher wheels, use and throw cups, spoons etc.I guess playing around the mess is merrier than a neatly arranged place.

Managing two boys in cold country where there is no way to go out and play is like managing a park full of dinosaurs for me. ( should not compare kids with dinosaur???!!   😯   ) . They already broke one T.V, One Laptop, 2 Mobile Phones and one Tab… We decided not to buy any expensive gadgets on near future(No, I am not proud about this  😦   )

I can’t blame them. I should have kept everything out of their reach.. ( Still finding a way to hide a T.V?? Any suggestions would welcome.. ) In “Pasanga 2 ” Tamil movie one of the characters told “What can they do if we lock them into 1000 sq.ft apartment.. Where can they run? Where can they jump? In what way they can release their excessive energy? ” Isn’t that true??”
I asked my mom how she managed me and my bro single handedly? She replied we never been at home. Up to certain age we came to home only for food and sleep. All the other time we were in some of our friend’s home or in their backyard or all will be in our backyard… But now that is not a case even in my hometown. Nobody sent their kid to other people’s home .. all the kids are house arrested for some or other reasons.I Think apartment life would be different… ( No Idea as I never stayed …) …

But now I got used with this. I am allowing them to explore each and everything unless otherwise, it’s involving breakable expensive items. My house is always a mess. The minute I cleaned the entire house, It will look same as before. I am not worrying. If my kids are busy doing something then I am fine… How long they gonna do this? 2 more years??? 4 more years??? After that, I may even miss their naughty things.Let them do this. Let them have a memorable childhood…. (Any difference of opinion is welcome.. )

Anyway as of now I am tired of this winter and constantly running behind my house breaking little devils… Expecting the summer eagerly…


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