It may sound silly. Why should anyone teaching you how to make cloth nappies at this disposable diaper age. Making a choice of whether to use cloth nappies or disposable diaper is every mom’s own decision.

I was using cloth nappies for ‘sh1’ up to 6 months. Used disposable diapers only at his nap time and night sleep time. But for sh2 I was using only disposables as I have no time to manage cloth nappies at all with two kids.

I myself didn’t know how to make cloth nappies for ‘sh1’. I surfed on the internet and seen the youtube videos for this. It’s not necessary that every mom should not be known how to make the nappies but this post is for moms like me who doesn’t know how to make cloth nappies at home.

Things we need:

  • Nappy clothes
  • Diaper pin
  • good scissors

Nappy Clothes:

Buy the white cotton clothes from textile stores.(Kada thuni in Tamil )  you need at least 3 to 5 meters. ( If you want you can buy the same material for the baby cradle. To know more about it click here ). Soak them overnight (as they have a lot of starch soaking help it to remove them easily), wash , dry  and press it. And keep them ready.

Diaper Pins:

They are not the normal pins. They have a lock on them which prevent the pin to release accidently. I bought them from Laxel Baby Stores, Sembakkam, Chennai. I guess most of the baby stores have them. They have this adorable animal Print in the front. 3 pin pack has cost around 98 Rs on 2011. see the pictures below. (Sorry for the blurred Images . Its an old image as I currently don’t have diaper pins with me, I am using these images.)

Things to Remember:

  • AND REMEMBER NOT TO USE THIS PINS ONCE THE BABY STARTED TO ROLL OVER. So it’s basically for first 3 to 5 months.

How to Make & Use Cloth Nappy:

Cut the white clothes into squares. If you want the measurement, take any dolls or teddys you have at home.  Fold the square cloth into a triangle as shown in the pic.

Place it under the baby.Now Place the two ends as shown in the pic.

take the lower part and pin all the three ends.


Nappy Care:

  • Wash them with mild baby detergent.
  • Dry them in Sunlight. That will help to kill germs.
  • Don’t use the antiseptic liquids like Dettol for baby dresses and clothes as it may irritate baby skin.
  • Change immediately after every wets and soil.

Advantages of Cloth Nappies:

  • As it’s reusable more economical than disposables
  • Breathable material prevents diaper rash.
  • Eco-Friendly. ( Go Green Mom?? !! ).

Disadvantages of Cloth Nappies:

  • Cloth Nappy maintenance is huge.
  • Not suitable for a baby sleeping time.

Hope this helps the new moms.

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