” Why are you writing this blog? “, She asked me while we were waiting for our kids to come from their class. Let’s call her  Bhargavi.

” You are well off in money right? What’s the need to work on this? “

” No, I don’t earn any money in this. Frankly speaking, I don’t get anything from this at all. And I don’t have any idea to monetize it any soon. I didn’t even buy domain or tried to self-host my blog ”

I knew my answer didn’t convince her properly.I was thinking about Bhargavi’s question when we return from the class. Why I started this blog? Why I started to write?

I really envy about her. Envy about all the women who is pursuing their dreams. Being a mom and homemaker is her dream and she’s doing it with extreme care and self-satisfaction. Me, on the other hand, can’t get any fulfillment for being a homemaker/ mom.

End of the day it’s always bugging me to do something. I am not a homemaker material. But at the same time, I don’t want to leave my kids to someone to pursue my dreams. I can’t leave them to work for full time. I want to be with them. Thank god we really don’t have the financial situation where both of us needs to work. So wanna do something, at the same time want to be with my kids. It’s easy to start a blog. So started blogging? NO.


It’s to help all the moms out thereWrong…  I don’t think I can help all the moms out there with my little mom knowledge and experience. If this blog helps at least one mom then I will be very happy. But that’s not my intention or motivation.

To be famous among my friend’s circle??  Wrong. I am an introvert. The less attention I got from other people the more peaceful I would be. 

To earn money? As I told her I don’t believe I will earn much money in this and that’s not my intention too.

Then?? I started to write because it gives me happiness.As I told I am an introvert. I never have spoken up my thoughts to anyone. Even to my closed ones. I couldn’t. I think writing gives me some way to share my thoughts. And so I am very happy to write.

But why writing ??  Not anything else? I am an avid reader. Where ever I go the first thing I do will register myself in the local library.  Reading gives me solace for my loneliness. Maybe because of reading too much, I want to write too. (You know what? My first poem was about Diwali when I was studying 7th STD).  I love to write. I love to express my thoughts in written form rather than speak them.  

But I am telling you this, I didn’t start this blog within a day. 

It took all my courage to start this blog. I was in dilemma. I don’t think I can write. I was afraid to face the questions.” why are you writing this? Why are you sharing your thoughts and life with the world? Isn’t it dangerous? Why should everybody know about you and your kids in the first place?”. I don’t have any proper answer for any of this and hence I didn’t have the nerve to start this. Then one day Seen this quote in one of my friend’s facebook wall.

“IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.”

If I am not doing it now, when will I do it? I don’t want to regret in my death bed. I want to take a chance. What will probably go wrong?  It may end in utter failure. Let it be. Let me learn from my failures. I will have the satisfaction of I tried something. Why should I give up my dream when it’s not gonna hurt anyone in any way? People will mock you about your failure. Let them mock. How long they gonna do it? How long they gonna remember this?  At least I had the guts to follow my dream. 

Thanks to the Internet and WordPress. It’s very doubtful If I come out to write If these platforms/facilities are not there.

Now, I am calling out all of those women who wants to follow their dream but hesitate because of doesn’t have the guts to do that.It may be anything. want to focus on your career after a break, wanna start a new business? Give a try. You may be expert in cooking, love to write poems or having artistic skills, or specialist in house management.  wants to show your talent to the world?   This Internet age gives us chance.Take a Chance.  Don’t afraid to express your skills. As I told what would probably go wrong? Let it go wrong. But don’t regret later for not even try. 

You have a great talent in rangoli ??  Start a youtube channel to portrait it. Ask some tech friends for the beginning help. It’s easy to learn when you really put your heart in it. Show the world about your talent.

It may sound silly. It may not give income to you. But trust me if you are doing something your heart wants, then all the other things(happiness, Money,  fame, people)  will come eventually.

I often hear about our great-grandmas, grandmas, moms, aunts “she is a great cook/artist/writer/singer/dancer. But all her talents were Buried under her kitchen cabinet”. Don’t make it continue in our generation too. Our grandmas don’t have the technology. But we do. So Take a chance. Live your Life. 

So why am I  writing here? Because writing gives me happiness/fulfillment/ peace.

Above all, I am writing because I want to… 

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