How to choose the newborn toys?

The first three months, babies explore their new world through their developing senses.   At this time, babies have a very limited motor skills, and So using their eyes and ears to explore their surroundings.  They will be attracted toward bright, high-contrast colors and changes in sound. So keep these things in mind while choosing the toys for newborn.

Best NewBorn Toys:

My top 3 recommendations are,

  • Playgym/PlayMat
  • Rattles
  • Crib Mobile

Play Gym:

My first choice would be ‘play gym’. As I said babies have a very limited motor skills. Simply saying for the first 3 months they love to lie on the mat or bed and trying to explore the things they could see /hear. Play gym is the wonderful choice for that. Choose one with bright colors. I used one for sh2. He loves it. By kicking his legs, he tried to grab the things that are hanging above his head.





Rattles are best for baby’s first three months.

Things to note:

  • Make sure the rattles are safe for babies.
  • No sharp edges, no hazard of opening up etc
  • Look for a BPA/ Phthalates free one.

Crib Mobile:

If you are using Baby Crib, this is the best time for a crib mobile—your baby can’t reach it and it provides a great source of entertainment. Attach it about 8 to 14 inches from your baby’s eyes, remove it once he can reach over it.( Or at 5 months).( Or at 5 months)


If you are not using the baby crib and using our traditional cloth hammock (selai/cloth  thottil)) then look in our local shops for the rotating musical toy that can be attached to the crib’s cross stick. Make sure it won’t accidentally fell on babies face.))

Other than these cloth toys, soft squeezable toys,musical and chime toys are suitable for 8 weeks old babies. When choosing the musical toys make sure they are having the volume adjustment. Avoid buying too loud toys. And the bright lighted toys also not good for babies.

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