Why I prefer our traditional cloth hammocks than baby cradle in India?

Are you going to buy expensive baby cradle? Don’t want to use our traditional Cloth/Saree hammock for your baby? Read this before invest on expensive Crib/Cradle.

I myself bought the “baby crib come cradle”.( It’s a cradle but can be rocked very gently ) . And also used electronic swingers, Rockers, bouncers. But I found our traditional hammocks are much much better than any of these in many aspects. Unless otherwise, you don’t have a provision or facility to tie this hammock, don’t invest on any other cribs/cradles/rockers. Even for night sleep, I prefer to co-sleep(up to 5 years)  than buying a separate bed/crib for them.

Reasons for My Preference of Cloth Hammock over Baby Crib:

  • The first thing is it’s easy to make your baby sleep in this type of hammocks than any other modern facilities. ( Baby rocker, Cradle come rocker etc) The reason is When in the womb the baby gets used for this swing motion. And so the same swinging movement gives the baby a womb-like surrounding and make him feel cozy.( The same reason, crying babies became calm when we rock them gently.)
  • The hammock holds the baby firmly in place. Baby feels difficult to turn around though the baby can move his arms and legs freely. This reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in infants.
  • Crib or Baby bed doesn’t give support to baby’s neck and spine. The bed which is used for the baby to sleep must be firm. No spring mattress or any other too soft mattress should be used. Indian hammock exactly fits the infant body shape which has been held perfectly in place. It gives fine support along the body causing less strain to the neck and spinal.
  • The hammock doesn’t touch floor or wall part so there is no chance for insects to reach the baby.
  • It’s more hygienic and economic than beds as it’s washable and reusable.
  • For the hot country like India, this cotton made hammocks are more suitable than a warm bed.
  • As Hammock doesn’t have space for other things like extra pillows, large blankets, soft toys, it prevents the baby from suffocation hazards.
  • As we use a breathable cotton material, the air flow will be good in this hammocks and so baby gets the suitable temperature to fell asleep.

So how to make this Hammock?

Things You Need:

  • If you buy a cloth for nappies (white, cotton cloth),(If you want to know more Refer this: How To Make Cloth Nappies )buy 3 sets of 2 to 5-meter( Depends on the height from your ceiling to floor) of that same cloth separately. wash, dry and iron them.(Need 3 sets, if one in wash, we can use the spare one)
  • Traditionally mom’s saree used for this hammock. That’s one more interesting thing. The given reason for that is, the saree will have mom’s scent which makes the baby feel like he is around his mom. But I prefer to have a separate cloth for this than old saree.
  • A strong nylon rope to tie.
  • The wooden rod, with holes on the edge(To insert the nylon rope), it’s used to give space between the ropes hence the baby can get enough space/air flow.

Things you should consider before Tie the Hammock:

  • Make sure you have a  strong hook/ ring on your ceiling before you buy the things. Don’t use any other things to tie the hammock. ( Window rods, doors etc)
  • Choose the correct place, where there are no hazards of hitting on the wall, window, table corner etc. The place should have enough space to swing the hammock without hitting on anything.
  • Tie it one foot above from the floor. Not too high or too low.
  • An old age saying ” we should not let the baby sleep on this hammock at night time”. I couldn’t find the reason for this. But I prefer to co-sleep with babies on their night sleep. ( If you are not influenced by alcohol or other sleeping aid medicines then it’s safe to sleep with your babies. It’s not possible to suffocate your baby when you are normally sleeping. Thanks to Dr. R.K Anand to clarify this doubt, in his book “Child Care Book By R.K Anand”).

So think before you purchase an expensive baby cradle or crib. In my point of view cloth hammocks are better than these Cribs/cradles.

Any difference of opinion on this would be welcome. Please let me know in comments.


Whatever I have written above is my own opinion.I am not a medical professional Or any kind of expert in child care.Always check with your doctor before changing routines.

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