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When I was due with Sh1 , My gynecologist gave me the newborn essential list and I bought according to that. But that was not enough. I didn’t have enough dresses as he was a “Reflux” Baby. And I didn’t even buy the nail clipper as it was not in the hospital provided list. On his 3rd day, when sh1 scratched his own face with his grown nails, I realized I need a baby nail clipper. Likewise, I missed many things to bought before, and so bought them at the need of the moment, results in so many visits to the shop.

Here I am compiling the list, I thought essential/ useful for a newborn baby. Hope this will help for the Parents to -be to make their shopping easy.

I provided the Printable shopping Checklist at the end of the post for your convenience.

For Sleeping:

  • Baby Cradle / Baby bed / Traditional hammock
  • Spare Bed sheets
  • Quick Dry sheet
  • Mosquito Repellents(Net, Mosquito Zapper)

Baby Hammocks/Baby Cradle/ Baby Crib:

Please check on this Read this before you buy baby crib/cradle in India

If you gonna use the traditional hammocks then,

  • Cloth for the hammock
  • Nylon Rope
  • Wooden Rod

Mosquito Repellents:

Where ever your baby gonna sleep first thing you need to buy is mosquito repellents especially if your area is the mosquito threaten one. Buy some nice mosquito nets according to your/baby bed size. Don’t use chemical mosquito repellents especially if it’s a closed air conditioned room.

Here what I did for both of my boys.I bought the mosquito Zapper.once I tied the net around my bed and everything is set I used this Zapper to kill the mosquitoes inside the net. after make sure not even single mosquito has left, we went to sleep peacefully. But should make sure not going out of the net for the whole night Or minimalise it.

Quick Dry Sheets/ Bed Protector:

                             At least buy 3 to 4 sheets. if you are using cloth nappies, then you need more.

For bathing:

  • If you prefer to make the baby bath in a bath tub then a good brand bath tub with a sling.
  • A bucket and a small size mug.( for hygienic purpose don’t use this bucket and mug for other purposes)
  • Two or three after bath towels preferably cotton one which would easily observe the wet.

Ask your ped to prescribe a good brand baby soap, shampoo, and moisturizing cream. As doctors suggest not to use baby powders if you wanna use it then consult with your PED.

Diapers & Wipes:

  • Good Brand Diapers
  • Cloth Nappies
  • Diaper Pins ( To know more about cloth Nappies & diaper pins check this : How To Make Cloth Nappies )
  • Baby wipes.( Buy two packs, normal one and travel pack for diaper bag)
  • Changing Mat.
  • Dustbin /Diaper Pail/Plastic bags for dirty diapers

Baby Clothes:

To know how to choose baby dresses and what to buy for first 3 months click below.

New Born Dresses – India


For Nursing:

If you are using formula then,

  • 6 Bottles, 6 Nipples
  • Bottle Brush
  • Liquid detergent for cleaning bottles and teats
  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Pen flask
  • Formula
  • Formula Carrier

For Play Time:

  • Floor Mat/Bed/Playgym
  • Rattles
  • Crib Mobile
  • cloth toys
  • soft squeeze balls
  • musical and chime toys

Floor Mat/Bed:

A small, flat, easy folding washable bed or small traditional mat to keep the baby in a floor for his play time. Play gyms are opt for this.  To know more about play gym Check this Best NewBorn Toys/Gifts

Other things:

  •  A carry bed as we are not using pram to go out. It’s better if its a washable one.
  •  6 wrapping towels to wrap around the baby.
  • Nail Clipper
  • Comb Brush set
  • A small closed basket to keep the baby dresses & cloth Nappies.
  • Diaper Bag
  • Baby laundry detergent
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Nasal Aspirator

I have given the things I remembered. If I missed something, Please let me know in comments.

Here is the Printable Checklist.

NewBorn Shopping CheckList – India , Printable PDF


Don’t forget to check the Hospital Bag Packing for New Mom & Baby,

Hospital Bag Packing for Mom&Baby -With Printable Checklist


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