Toddler Activity Day 2:

I arranged the following Items in a tray.

warning :If you gonna use the green gram make sure your kid don’t put them in the mouth. If you have a concern about it then change it to a big bead which is tough to swallow.

And the usual dustpan with brush


Here how he plays with them,

  1. The first thing he took was the cup and green grams. Played with them nearly for 45 minutes.

First, he poured the green grams in the empty cup and repeated it again.

Then at one stage he took the straw and try to put the green gram into it. Then looked the other side of the straw for the bean to come out. It was such a fun for him. (I didn’t click it, my bad )And after some time as I expected he made a mess by spill it in the mat. But to my surprise,  he himself took the dustpan and brush and tried to clean it.

2. Then switched his attention to latch board. Had a good time by lock and unlock the doors.


3. Then played with the stacking rings for some time.


At last came to the flash cards but without trying to read or show the pics he started to arrange them.


Overall had a good fun for nearly one and a half hrs. As usual, his fav was the green gram and the cups than his toys.

The benefits:

  • The cup and beans help to improve the sensory, imaginative and creative play.
  • Latch board helps to build fine motor skills while learning colors, numbers, animals and more
  • Stacking Rings helps to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and a sense of order.
  • The flash cards are helpful in improving the visual memory of the child.

Click her for Activity Day -3 

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