“What???!!!! You are not giving any health drink to your kids?? ” Valarmathi asked me.

” No, actually I am not believing in health drinks” I replied

” Then how your kids will get the essential nutrients??”

” Do you think two glasses of this health drink junk will give essential nutrients? If so you are wrong..”

But she chose to ignore it and told ” I have given this P*******e from 2 years onwards to my kids, Morning that is the breakfast for most of the time as they don’t have time for real food. I am happy at least they have this ”

I didn’t argue with her. Actually, she doesn’t want to hear about what I am saying. She is not comfortable to come out of the thought  “I am giving one of the prestigious, nutritious drink to my children”. But how long she gonna be denial like this?

I myself grown by drinking this health drink up to certain age. But I strongly believe these health drink junks won’t do any good to my kids and so I decided not to give them.

Have you ever checked the nutritional facts label in any of the health drink bottles/boxes?? Have you ever wondered what the most of the thing mentioned there mean?? Ever tried to google about it? Ever want to know why they added those things in a health drink? I am not saying about any particular drink, but all are junks in my opinion.

Most of the health drinks are having Sugars in high level. Whereas the essential nutrients they claim to have is in negligible amount.Will you give chocolate to your kids twice a day and think you are giving essential nutrients to them?well, our health drinks are no better than that.If you still having doubts, look at the following link, she beautifully explains the nutritional facts of each and every health drinks in detail.

Once I read ” If you are eating something that’s not shown in an advertisement then probably you are eating a healthy food”. How true it is? If it’s really healthy why they have to spend millions of money for advertisements??

By drinking something if the kids can grow stronger, taller, sharper, what are we making ????Next human generation or broiler chickens? Isn’t the height and body structure of a kid has been determined genetically? Or by this health drinks??Do you really know anyone in person, getting stronger and taller by drinking this? I have drunk the health drink that claims it will make the kid grow taller, for nearly  20 years, twice daily. But I am just 5’1. Why didn’t I grow taller than this??

Drink this, It will boost the kid’s memory power and your kid will be the next “Einstein”. Seriously??? Drinking some processing food that contains milk solids and some chemicals, preservatives will boost your memory?? If any of our grandmas asked us to drink something by claiming that it will make us “Einstein” would we believe that?? how could we choose to believe this nonsense then? Isn’t the intelligent of the kid is decided by so many other factors??

Oh, by drinking this your kid’s immunity power will improve.Recently I have read a review by a mom saying she is testing this health drink on her child and claims her kid didn’t fell sick after she started using this. she mentioned, even though the climate has been changed dramatically at her location her kid didn’t catch cold or fever which she usually does. seriously? I agree we can improve our immunity by having healthy foods. But I won’t accept its because of health drink. I am comparing it with chickens fed by antibiotics to prevent them fell sick.

you no need to be a doctor or nutritionist to knew this. A little common sense would do.

No offense here. I don’t want to blame anyone. I understand you want to give your kids the most nutritious foods.And the advertisements they are showing are absolutely awesome and convincing. And it’s their success to make us think its one of the prestigious thing to do.

But when are we coming out of our denial mind? When are we going to realize this is not good? Isn’t this a high time to break out this health drink myth? Irrespective of how convincing a product is isn’t that our duty as a parent to look into the list of ingredients and make smart choices?.Ask any UNBIASED nutritionist about this and make yourself clear about the facts before you buy it again.

And Remember,

  • No health drink company gives a s**t  about our or our family’s health. Their only intention is,  ‘make money’.
  • There is no product that is nutritionally as good as home made real food. I understand it’s easy to give this and fill our kid’s stomach than to run behind them for an hour to feed one slice of apple.
  • But believe me, kids won’t  starving themselves. Let them be hungry for some time. Then when they come to look for a food offer them a healthy meal. If we struggle to train them for some time, we will harvest its benefits for a long time.
  • If you are really want to give something with milk, then prepare your own health drink powder. Our traditional health mix ( Sathhu maavu in Tamil) powder. Buy the grains and millets. wash, dry, roast and powder it.Mix this with milk and give it to your kid. I am assuring you this have more nutritional value than any so-called health drinks. And it may cost half the price of that. You can store it for 3 to 6 months without adding any preservatives in that.
  • Or buy the nuts.Roast & powder them add that powder into milk.
  • No time to do those preparations? Then simply add an organic jaggery powder/syrup or palm sugar with milk. This will add some flavor and has more Iron than any top branded health drinks.
  • Spend the money you used to buy the health drinks to buy veggies and fruits that grown organically in your locals. That will sure improve your kid’s immunity power, memory power, health etc.

Next time when you buy the health drink remember this post. Let’s make a better, healthier generation.


Whatever I have written above is my own opinion.I am not a Medical Professional, Nutritionist Or any kind of expert in child care.Always check with your Pediatrician before changing routines.

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