It seems like ‘sh2 ‘  lost interest in this setup. Today he didn’t play that much. Maybe the things I got ready for him didn’t catch his attention. he played for an hour. but not with much interest. Should check again tomorrow with new things.

Things used for play:

  • Colored craft sticks
  • Mr.Potato Head
  • Cloth clips and board
  • 10 Animal flashcards

Colored craft sticks and potato head with parts.

Cloth clips with board and animal flash cards.

First he picked the craft sticks as I expected. When I showed him how to sort it based on colors he did that only for purple. After that, he simply spilled it all over the mat then collected it, put it on the tray. When I tried to make shapes using this, He insisted on putting it on the shelf.Didn’t play with it again 😦


Then he picked the board and cloth clips. first its very hard for him to clip it in a board. But later did it. After that removed the clips one by one by himself.

Then played with the potato head. Fixed it parts and played the chase game with it.


As usual picked the cards at last. First I asked him to pick the cards as I say the animal name. Then we played “what sound animals make?” To my surprise, he imitates elephant’s sound by himself.


The benefits:

  • Craft sticks helps to build fine motor skills, imagination while learning colors .
  • Cloth clips and board helps to build fine motor skills.
  • potato head helps to build fine motor skills, gross motor skills and  ‘Pretend play’ while learning parts of the body.
  • The flash cards are helpful in improving the visual memory of the child.

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