Unlike ‘Day 3’ sh2 has been so excited to see the things I got ready for him to play.

Things used for play:

  • Fish gravel,2 bowls, 1 scoop
  • Shape sorting clock
  • Toy animals & Flashcards to match.

Fish Gravel,bowls & Scoop:


If you don’t have a fish gravel you can use any colored beads /rice/beans. But make sure your baby won’t put them in mouth. They are choking hazard and so unless you are sitting and playing with them for the whole time don’t use them.

Shape Sorting Clock & Flashcards animals:

First, he picked the Fish gravel and the bowls. So excited to see the colorful fish gravel.  Playing by placing his hands into the bowl and feels the gravels between his fingers. Then with the scoop transfers the gravel from bowl to bowl.But didn’t spill it at all. Nearly play with it for one and a half hr. He didn’t want to play with anything else.

Then for ten minutes played with the clock by fixing the shapes into its place.


Didn’t even touch the flash cards and animals. When I tried to show him how to match the toy animals with the flash cards, he again grabbed the fish gravel tray and started to play with it. So I didn’t force him at all. Should try again after some days.

Overall had a great fun with colorful fish gravel, bowls and scoop.

The Benefits:

  • Fish Gravel Sensory play helps to stimulate the child’s senses.
  • Shape sorting clock helps for cognitive development and improve fine motor skills.
  • Flash cards matching with toy animals helps to improve the visual memory and cognitive development.

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