“Amma. Uooooo..” ‘Sh2’ Shows his small wound on his ankle.

” oh.. Chellam(honey)… Does it hurt?? It will be ok. You will be alright soon” I told him and blow on his wound.

It’s very small. The day before that he fell down while he rides his scooter on a rough road. The minute I say “You will be alright”, he seems fine. “My amma told I will be fine and so I am fine”. To whom he would have this confidence other than me?

“Appa what is the spelling for ‘student’? ” Sh1 asked.

Appa spelled it for him to write. “Amma is that correct?? ”  😉 😀   …

“Yeah, honey… It’s right”. If amma says it’s right then it would be right. I am that special person for him who knows everything in the world.

Motherhood made me selfless, taught me how to be brave, Shows me what is unconditional love is.. made me realize how blessed I am.. I cherished each and every moment of it. I had tears in my eyes when first time my tiny toddler says to me “I aww (Love) you amma “. I feel proud and happy when my little one wants to hide behind me when he hears the thunderstorm. “I love being their special person.”

  • They want me to sit beside with them when they are sick.
  • Want to share their proud moments when they win.
  • Want to hug and sleep in my lap when their heart broken.
  • Want to hide behind me when something is threatening.

Being with mom is enough. Everything in the world would be fine for them.I am their ‘special’ person. I am their source of happiness, place for their comfort, shield for their fears.  I can say with pride that nobody in the entire world could replace me in their life. I am theirs “MOM”. There is no substitute for that.

And “I LOVE IT”.

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