Another wonderful day for fun activities.

Things used for play:

  • Magnetic Construction set
  • Cobblers bench and hammer
  • Small bean bag and a rope

Magnetic Construction Set:



Cobbler’s Bench & Bean Bags:


He took the magnetic construction set and played with it for hours. Yes !! he played with it for more than 2 hours!!!.

He took the cobblers bench logs and put them into the building he made(Imaginative??!!).  This set is wonderful to make different things out of some 32 pieces.

Then played with the cobbler’s bench for some time. Smacking the logs with a hammer is his favorite thing and he enjoyed a lot.

I made a circle with the rope and asked him to throw the bean bags into the circle. He throws them with great interest. And we count while throwing. It was great fun.But I couldn’t take much pics as I was busy with holding the bean bags for him to throw. Managed to click the following one.



Why should use a bean bag, not a ball? The ball will roll down and will not be in the place, unlike bean bags. The bean bags showed here are home made ones with old shocks. To know how to make them Click Here.

The Benefits:

  • Magnetic Construction Set helps to improve the Imaginative play, Identify colors, Gross, and fine motor skills.
  • Cobblers Bench helps to improve the cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.
  • Throwing bean bags helps with sensory and gross motor skills.


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