Another Day for Fun.

Things used for play:

  • Rice flour and stencils
  • Magnetic Trains
  • Vegetables
  • Blackboard, Chalk & water Sprayer

Rice Flour, Stencils & Vegetables:

Blackboard &Magnetic Trains:


As I expected he chosen the Trains first and had a super fun with it.

After some time like Hari’s Movies( Tamil director famous for his flying car stunt scenes) the trains started to fly and crash into each other.


After an hour of fun, he took the rice flour plate and stencils. He didn’t show any interest to make shapes out of stencils using the flour.( That was my idea) . He started to ride the trains on the flour and tried to make the track our of it.

After some time started to mess with the flour and when I asked to clean he did clean which results in more mess.



I diverted him by showing the veg basket. He was so happy to touch and play with it . We said each vegetable name. But after that again took the train and tried to attach the carrot with it.


At last went to play with the water and board. And he had super fun. ( which baby doesn’t want to play with water??) He started to scribble on the board and tried to erase them by spraying water on that.

So happy for the water sprayer. Played with it for almost more than an hour.

It was a Happy & Fun Day.

The Benefits:

  • Magnetic Trains helps to improve the Imaginative play, Identify colors, Gross, and fine motor skills.
  • Rice flour & Stencils helps to improve the fine motor skills and cognitive development while learning numbers & Alphabets.
  • Playing with vegetables helps for sensory development.
  • Board, chalk are helping to improve fine motor skills.
  • Water sprayer helps to develop the fine and gross motor skills.


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