Once my Ex – Friend told: “you are not a good friend”.I was heart broken when I heard that. But later, the age and experience make me realized that’s not true. I have wonderful friends around me, who supported me in my rains and shines. Who makes my life lovely and worthable. If I am not a good friend, how could I get good friends around me?

‘Ex- Friend’ term is correct? I don’t know but I have an Ex – Friend whom I considered my closest once upon a time. Then with great incompatibility, we decided not to be in touch and you know what? after coming out of that friendship I felt happy and relaxing. 

“One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible.”

So I have only one closest friend  “R.M” who is my bestie from my 3 years onwards. We are the friends for a lifetime.She knows every bit of me. We are still friends though we are in different continent. She is funny, loyal, good, a true friend. She is a kind of friend everyone wants to have in their life. So the special place is only for her.

As life goes on I met so many wonderful people and befriend with them.

Let me categorize them with my recent experience. It’s about my blog start up and the reaction of different category friends.

Lucky to have friends:

I am truly lucky to have these friends. Most of we are not constantly in contact with each other,  but still, we are there for each other. And these friends when I announced about my blog, genuinely happy about that.  And gave me a heavy dose of encouragement comments which is essential for a start-up blogger. Thank you so much  for the super motivation without that I would have blown up the minute I start up this.

Honest  Friends :

They are mostly closest  friends and  my well wishers. They were also genuinely happy about this and spend their valuble time to read my scribblings and gave their honest critic . Thank you so much for your time and the valuable comments/suggestions/ideas which is helping me a lot to improve myself.

Friends for Reason / Season :

O. K . I considered them as my friends and so shared about my blog. They are the people who never bother about that. I was heart broken when I didn’t receive even a courtesy reply after I shared my blog startup news or my requests about their opinion or my requests to follow my FB page anything at all..

I was ranting on about this to my mom. Probably the blog is not so good, they don’t want to tell that directly. That s why they didn’t reply. 

My mom asked me who are all those. When I named them she simply told, ” They are the people who wanna see you do good , but never better than them” . If yours is really not good even to say their opinion about it , what about your other honest friends who spent their valuable time to read and comment on it?? If it’s really not good wouldn’t they ask you to quit it?

Suddenly I realized “It’s not me. It’s them”. Each one of them seen my requests (I could see the blue tick mark in whatsup ) but they never mind to reply even out of courtesy.  But that didn’t stop them to ask any help or speak about anything else. If they need something they asked.If they want to talk/rant about anything they did that. Simply they act like my blog and my messages didn’t exist at all.  You know what??

Thank you for that. And that behavior drives me more to be passionate about my writing. It gives me a great determination. More than anything Thanks for makes me realize the value of my true friends.


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