We are all surrounded by wonderful people. I strongly believe “Each person we meet is a teacher in some way.”  And each individual is amazing in something. But how often we admire that? Especially when it comes to women, there is no recognition or admiration for most of the work we have done.

I decided to use this space to pen down about the amazing women I met in my life.They may not be big celebrities, big time achievers and all. They may be as simple as every woman. But I believe each woman is amazing in a unique way. So each month I am gonna write about the woman whom I called “The Amazing woman of the month” and will share my admiration for her. 

This month I am honored to write about “Mrs. Vianne Letostak” – Sh1’s  Teacher for this academic year.


I liked MRS.Letostak the moment she said, “This is a stereotype, but stereotypes are based on truth, although there are always exceptions, usually boys are good with gross motor skills and girls are good at fine motor skills .” I liked the way she explained it in the curriculum night at school.It’s the day where the teacher tells about the curriculum they gonna follow for the year, how they gonna teach each and everything and what their goal for that year( like  “end of this year your kid can able to read, write in English and can do simple additions in maths” ).

For the rest of the year, she continuously makes me wonder about her. She is 50+. Have  20 years of experience in teaching. When she started her career, I think there were no most advanced technologies like today. But she is updated on everything. She knew how to use each and every gadget for teaching and using them meticulously.

I worried about the vacation time from last month itself, managing two kids for the whole day is a nightmare for me. But how this woman leading a class full of active kids for the whole year?? As a mom, I could lose my patience at times and could yell and shout at my children(I knew not so good, but I can’t help at times). But as a teacher, she couldn’t do that either.  Has to answer each and every silly question. Should manage attention seeking kids. Should control the trouble makers. At the same time have to teach them too. And you know what? All these have to be done within 2 hrs 40 minutes.( the kg timings are from 9.10 to 11.50 ). And have to do the same thing again for the fresh set of afternoon students. Hats off to you Mrs. Letostak. 

For this whole year, she never missed informing about a  single thing. I once forgot about my kid’s ‘news minute’ and felt embarrassed for that. But she never missed sending the weekly newsletter,  the Flyers, homework, notes, test results, presentation details anything at all. And when one time she missed sending Christmas decorations prepared by students she delivered it to each student’s doorstep. Come on !! she would have lost nothing if she didn’t do that. But she wants the family to see what their kid made for their Christmas tree and so delivered it to each student’s home. I was blown by her sincerity.

And I should tell about the communication between her and parents. I sent her email at various timings for different reasons. It may be at night 11 o ‘clock or morning 4 o’ clock, she replies immediately. I used to wonder When this woman may sleep?

More than a teacher when I discussed with her about my concerns over ‘Sh1’  she understood it as a mom. She didn’t behave like a teacher but as a mom who could understand the fellow mom’s worries and concerns. She was so helpful to overcome from them. I don’t know what I could have done without her help.

I heard that she is a  basketball coach after school hours.I don’t know how many more avatars she has !!! What makes me wonder about her is her energy level which is unbeatable.  She is so active. I never have seen her dull or tired.Even at night 9 o ‘clock after the whole day class and the continuous meeting with parents (one to one ) for five hours, she was fresh and active. I really loved her energy level and think I should have at least half of her activeness with me.

Throughout the year I felt safe and happy by the thought of my kid is handling by an amazing woman. She is not alone teaching the academics but also how to live happily. She realized the value of a teacher who is responsible for the next generation and so did her job with care and passion. More than everything she loves her job and so she could like her students too.

She knows the importance of her role in their life. She is so much an inspiration not only to her students but to the moms like me

I Thank her from my heart for teaching so much to my kid. We are so lucky to have her as his kindergarten teacher. I am sure wherever we go and how many more teachers we gonna meet, we would never forget about her.

And my sincere gratitude towards her for earnestly accepting for this guest post. Here she shares her thoughts with us.Over to her,


  1.  What three words describe you as a Teacher?

             Busy, passionate, happy

     2.  What ‘s the teaching rule you never break?

             Never leave students unattended

     3.  And one rule you do break?

            Take my cell phone to recess

4.   Do you have a ritual with your students that you love?

          Students greeting one another first thing every day.

5.   What are 3 best things you love to teach your students?

          To love learning

          To read

          To write

6.   What’s the best part of your day?

        When a student suddenly ‘get’s it’ (understands) 

7.    What words describe you as a wife and a mom?

        dedicated, loyal, busy

8.    How do you spend time off for yourself?

       I like to travel

9.  What is the secret behind your ‘Activeness’?

      Not sure 🙂

10.  Anything else you’d like to share with us?  Leave a message for your readers:

I truly appreciate your kind words.  I don’t think I’m any different than any other OSE teacher.  We all love our kids/families.


Thank you, Mrs. Letostak, for sharing your valuable time with us. You are Amazing !!!


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