I am back with my  Toddler Activities series.

Things used for play:

  • chenille sticks & beads
  • Bottle & Straws
  • Blocks

Chenille sticks & Beads:


Bottle, straws & Blocks:


‘Sh2’ was very excited by seeing the colorful beads. He didn’t know what to do with the beads & sticks. He tried to spill everything over the table. I showed him how to insert the beads into the sticks and he was so happy to see it. He tried immediately.


I was very doubtful that he can do that. I thought of the hole in the beads are small and so It may be tough for him. But he did it. To my surprise, he liked to do it.


Then I found, it’s tough for him to hold the stick and insert the beads at the same time. So I brought the colander to the scene where we inserted the sticks . And so It was easy for him to insert beads .


But after some time he had enough fun with insert the beads .So started to play with them .He  arranged the beads in the collandar flip. Then played with it by transferring them from the cup to colander and vice versa.

Then he took the bottle& straws  tray  and transfer the beads into the bottle.

Finally after an hour of fun with beads he packed it away. He focused on the bottle & straws . Tried to put the straws into the bottle. Then removed it. Did this so many times.


After that played sometime with the abc blocks.

Had nearly two hours fun. Happy that he liked to play with the beads.

The Beads are choking hazard elements.Unless you are sitting and playing with your child for the whole time don’t use it for children under 3 years. 


Benefits :

  • The beads and sticks helps to improve the hand eye co ordination & Fine motor skills
  • Straws & Bottle helps to improve the problem solving skills.
  • Blocks helps to improve the fine and  gross motor skills.


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