The 9th day of fun. Though I have given a break for “Toddler Activities Posts” after the 7th day, we didn’t give the break in our routine. we were played at least two hours daily for ten days.So here are the 9th-day activities.

Things used for play:

  • Puzzle for 2 years Old
  • Plain papers and stickers
  • Kitchen Tong, Popsicle Tray, Pompom
  • A Cup of water, Sponge, Empty Cup

Puzzle, Plain Paper & Stickers:

Kitchen Tong, Popsicle Tray, pompom:


Cup of Water, Sponge & Empty Cup:


I didn’t show him the water tray.I knew he would play with it for the whole time If I showed it first, Hence I hide it. To my surprise, he took the puzzle box first. He tried to solve it. But he couldn’t. Though the puzzle is for 2+, I guess he needs to grow a little to solve those. Within 10 minutes he packed it away.


Then he took the paper and stickers. Had fun with it for some time.

He took the popsicle tray. After I showed him how to put the pompom using the Tong, He was so happy and tried it. Played the same thing again for nearly 45 minutes. He liked it very much.

Then when he was ready to pack up everything I brought the water tray. He was so excited and you know what? Nearly played with it for more than 90 minutes.




He had super fun with the water. He always likes to play with it and now mom herself given a chance. And so used it fully and didn’t get over it even after an hour of play.

The Benefits:

  • Puzzles help to improve the Cognitive Skills, Problem Solving, Fine Motor Development, Hand and Eye Coordination.
  • The same will apply for the stickers also with Imaginative development.
  • Kitchen Tong helps to improve their fine motor skills and all the above benefits.
  • Playing with water helps to improve the precision in pouring, eye-hand coordination, Gross motor skills.

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