Toddler Play Ideas for Day 10:

Things used for play:

  • Squishy bags
  • Toothpicks & Spice bottle
  • Tissue paper holder, Glue, Pompom, Stickers

Tissue paper holder, Glue, Pompom, Stickers:


Squishy Bags:




Tooth Pics & Spice Bottle:


He took the toothpicks tray first as I expected. This play idea came When I found the cap of the toothpick bottle broken.I decided to transfer the toothpicks to the empty ( Cleaned – Idea for  Recycling 😉   )spice bottle. I thought it would be fun for ‘Sh2’ If he inserted the tooth pics through the holes in the spice bottle cap. So I kept it in the tray. As I expected it was great fun for him. He transferred everything properly. ( Job was done in a fun way   😀



After that, he took the Tissue paper holder, Glue, Pompom, Stickers Tray.

The actual idea was to make face using pompom and decorate the holder with stickers. But instead after sticking the pompom he played with the holder by putting the pompom in it.

Played nicely and enjoyed it.

Then took the squishy bag tray.

instead of playing with it by making finger letters he brought the kitchen tong and tried to take them using it.

So sh2 used his own imagination to play with the things I kept with some other idea. The motive was to make him explore and to have fun. I hope we accomplished it 🙂

The Benefits:

  • The toothpicks play helps to improve the Cognitive Skills, Problem Solving, Fine Motor Development, Hand and Eye Coordination.
  • The same will apply for the tissue paper holder and stickers with Imaginative development.
  • Squishy bags helps to improve their fine motor skills and sensory development.

With this, I am gonna give a big break for toddler activities/Play ideas post. As summer vacation started here I couldn’t concentrate on ‘Sh2’ alone while ‘Sh1’ is at home. So I let then play together ( Most of the time ends with a complaint of “He took mine” ). Don’t know when I can start this again but sure will post the ideas once we started. Thank you so much for the likes, Encouraging comments and the moral support.

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