Here I am sharing how we hosted a simple but fun and easy to make a puppet show.


Deciding the story:

First, we choose 3 different stories.  ‘The monkey and the cap salesman,’ ‘The Dove and ant’ story and ‘The Bear and friends story.’ The monkey and the cap salesman story needs a lot of caps to show. So we skipped it. Then the dove and ant story needs a water image, and so we skipped that too. ‘The bear and friends’ story is easy to do with minimum characters. And it’s easy to narrate with puppets too. So we finalized that one. Here is the story,

Once two friends were walking through the forest. They knew that anything dangerous can happen to them at any time in the woods. So they promised each other that they would remain united in any case of danger.

Suddenly, they saw a giant bear approaching them. One of the friends at once climbed a nearby tree. But when the other one asked his hand to climb, he refused by saying the tree branch is weak to hold two.  The other friend is shocked by his reply but being led by his common sense, he lay down on the ground breathless, pretending to be a dead man.

The bear came near the man lying on the ground. It smelt in his ears, and slowly left the place. Because the bears do not touch the dead creatures.Now the friend on the tree came down and asked his friend on the ground, “Friend, what did the bear tell you into your ears?” The other friend replied, “The bear advised me not to believe a false friend.”


Deciding the characters:

The story contains 3 main characters. Two friends (we named them Ramu & Somu) and the Bear. And the supporting character ” The Tree.” Totally we need 4 puppet characters for the show.

Preparing the Puppets:

Sh1 started to draw the characters in a thick chart.


Then he colored and cut it.

Now the characters are ready.


Then he stuck it with the craft stick with glue which is not sticky enough. So we used the Duct Tape to stick the characters with the stick.


Ta Da .. Puppets are ready.


Now the puppet theater. We took sh1’s small table.He acted the story by hiding behind the table with the puppets on top. It was a beautiful puppet show. I have the video with me. But WordPress basic version not allowing me to upload it here. And I don’t want to start a YouTube channel for this. So I am sorry I couldn’t show you the video.

Try this simple puppet show, which I am sure the kids will enjoy.

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