The first pale yellow milk mom produced right after delivery is called Colostrum.It refers as a ” Liquid Gold .” It may be in very less volume, but it’s full of antibodies and high in protein. It helps to improve the newborn’s immunity and prepares the baby’s digestive system for the mature milk. So the first feeding is very essential so that the child can receive the “Liquid Gold’s” benefits.Don’t give honey/ sugar water or anything else other than mom’s feed.

Foremilk  and hindmilk:

Foremilk :
It refers to the milk at the beginning of the feeding.It’s thin with a lot of lactose and lower fat content. It mostly satisfying the baby’s thirst and liquid needs.

Hindmilk :

It is the milk which follows foremilk during a feeding. It is richer in fat content and high in calories which are essential for baby’s growth.
Both kinds of milk are vital for baby, and so it is advised to feed at least 10 minutes before you change the sides.

First 6 months exclusive nursing:

For the first 6 months, breast milk is enough for the baby. No need to feed anything else even the water. If anybody insisted you give something else by saying you don’t have the enough milk, please don’t get confused. Breast milk is more of a brain thing. If you are happy and healthy, you will have enough milk for your baby. If you started to think you don’t have enough you may notice you began to produce little. So Think always positive.
Both of my babies were breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months. I didn’t even give water to them though ‘sh1’ was born in peak summer.They both were weighed above average.  Even I had the situation where I started to think I didn’t have enough for my second baby. But a healthy diet and the positive mindset made it possible. So please breastfeed your baby for the first six months.

It may be tough at first:

 It may be tough for the first few times or for first few days. But eventually, it will get easier. So don’t give up on few obstacles. As I told its more of a brain thing. So more the baby sucks the more your body will produce. So feed him as much as possible.

How often needs feed:

  It depends on you and your baby’s comfort and needs. It can’t be defined. Feed him as per his demand. Mostly babies crying every two to three hours once. So trying to feed every 3 hours once. But use your intuition than following the timings. If he cries within an hour after the feeding and you feel it’s because of hunger don’t hesitate to feed.

Breast milk is the gift every mom have for their newborn. The benefits of the breast milk are endless. As of now the only complete food without any counterfeit is breast milk.  So give it as much as possible

Have a happy motherhood.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert or dietician. The things I have shared above are from my knowledge through parenting books, the pediatrician & gynecologist’s medical advice. Consult with your doctor before you change any routines.



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