I am super excited and proud to participate in the “BAR-A-THON” writing series hosted by “Blog-A-Rhythm”.

I selected the theme “Seven.” Thought a lot about what I could write in seven.Seven colors of the rainbow, seven days a week, seven swaras in music, seven births of human life, etc. The more I think, the more I am out of mind. Finally decided to write the most convenient genre to me.

So going to write  about ” Seven Motherhood Emotions.”

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This is my first Blogging Series Challenge. Hope I will do my best.

Mother’s Instinct: Overprotective

Probably the first emotion every mother would feel is ” Happiness.” But I wrote about it again and again in my various posts how happy and blissful motherhood is, So I want to go to the next emotion ” Overprotective.”

Every woman after becoming a mom immediately have this instinct to protect their babies from all kind of potential harm. Even animals have this instinct, and so it’s very natural to feel this way. The latest research found that a particular hormone is responsible for this feeling. So every mom would feel it and its one of the unique thing about motherhood.

But sometimes this instinct leads to over protectiveness. That was my case. When ‘sh2’ was born, I didn’t want to give him to anyone. I was so cautious and careful, and I didn’t allow anyone to hold him for more than five minutes. Sometimes I didn’t give him to the visiting guests by saying just now he started sleeping or any other reason.I was surprised by my own reaction. I was not like this for ‘Sh1’. I want everyone to hold him and think that will help for his development(Read somewhere the different person’s touch is essential for baby’s development). Contrary to that I don’t want ‘Sh2’ to be held by anyone other than me. I knew a lot of our relatives murmur about this to my mom. But I never gave up.


Now I wondered how I was behaving like that? What made me to did like that. I couldn’t find the answer.

I heard a lot of stories about this mother’s instinct. The mom who didn’t allow her own sister to hold the baby, The mom who makes her baby bath only in mineral water, etc. Most of us think it’s an extreme. But that is how mother instinct works.

So new moms, Be careful and don’t allow your mom instincts to turn as an “Over protectiveness.” Though it’s completely normal for a new mom to feel over protective on their babies use your common sense and act wisely.And the well-wishers of moms, Try to understand this nature of a mom and act wisely instead of mocking at her decision.

And the moms with toddlers and kids, If you are still overprotective of your children, think about it. “Too much of anything is good for nothing.”The overprotected kids can’t survive in this wild world once they are an adult. Let them fall and stand up on their own. Let them try new things. Let them learn how to face the failures, insults, etc. 

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