Seven Motherhood Emotions: 2. Guilt

Have We Ever Be Guilt Free?


Can you remember the last time you felt guilty about something?  It may be for yelling at your kids, for not preparing nutritious food, or can’t make them eat a healthy diet, didn’t spend time with your child, forget about their school celebrations, didn’t throw a fabulous party, etc.. But the Guilt is part of the motherhood, Isn’t it?

Mom’s guiltiness is a shadow which follows each&every  mom all the time. The minute we heard how the other mom makes her kid, eat a healthy food, we feel guilty.If our children fall sick more frequent,  we feel guilty. If they are not gaining weight, not sleeping properly, not started talking, not started walking, not performing well academically, etc. we feel guilty. Is there an end to this list?

I knew a mom who still feels guilty ( Even after 5 years!!!) each time her kid fall ill because she couldn’t breastfeed her due to some medical condition. I wonder whether the dads are feeling the same way. Have they ever felt guilty for something like their kid is so lean or not taking nutritious food?

I think the answer would be “No.” Then why the mom alone wear this guilty bag always? It’s because we believe that we are solemnly responsible for anything/everything happened to our kids. We think we failed if our kid is not doing good at something. Either it may eat the healthy food or to become a super singer. We think we are the reason for their nonfulfillment.

How to get out of this? First, we have to admit that some things are beyond our control. It’s not possible to change the body structure of a kid However we try. So stop feeling guilty about such things and accept it.

The next thing is we can’t be a perfect mom all times. Nobody can. Parenting is a continuous learning process where most of the time the learning is through “Trail and Error”. Every mom yelled at their kids at some time. There is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about that. We are humans, and we do make mistakes. And being a mom is not a “Cake Walk.” It’s tough. If we realize this, we won’t feel guilty as much.


Click to Tweet: It’s better to be a happy and Imperfect mom than a grumpy perfect mom. Because our kids are watching and will follow us. So be a guilt-free happy mom.

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