Seven Motherhood Emotions: 4.Embarrassment

“Oh my god, why is he screaming like this?  Let’s buy it, Everyone is staring at us ” I told my husband, and so we did buy the tricycle which is so small for our ‘sh2’. He is very strong headed and if he wants something he will get it in some way. Toddler tantrums are worst as we couldn’t make them understand the facts.I tried to change this from the beginning but I couldn’t. At least I wouldn’t bother his screaming if we are at home but when we are at stores or in public places, it’s very embarrassing and so I used to give up.


The Mom’s Embarrassment is something related with mom’s guilt, Isn’t it? Almost every mom may come across this situation. Toddlers throwing tantrums in front of guests or in public places.When our kids misbehave we feel embarrassed as we think the spectators are blaming us for that misbehaving. But is that true? Any of us wants our child to misbehave? Or do we encourage them to throw fits and cries?  “No” right?.

Then why should we feel embarrassed about that? The one advice I used to give to every mom I know is, “however you discipline your kids and however you teach them moral values, they are still kids and sometimes nothing will work out”. Every kid will throw tantrum at some time that too when we are in public places. They well know the fact, we are going to give up if they are crying at a public place. so they use that knowledge against us at a perfect situation.

Nothing is there to ashamed of ourselves or about our kids. They are small kids and every parent may cross this. Don’t bother about the blaming stare at all. They may not be a parent or they want to show their hatred in some way. Just don’t give up. I learned it in a hard way.

More than anything don’t ever feel embarrassed at all. 

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