Seven Motherhood Emotions: 5. Insecurity


It’s more or less connect with the overprotectiveness. As a mom I am a coward to be said, I am not very brave at all when it comes to my kids. I always worried or feel insecure /Anxious about them.

When they are stepping out to go to school I feel worried, I am praying that the day should be good for them and they should be safe in all ways. I never felt like that before I became a mom, but the motherhood makes me anxious about my kids always.

Whenever I read about second drowning/silent drowning I have a second thought on swimming lessons. When I heard the boy broken his ankle on the soccer class I started to think is that safe or shall we discontinue?

I am always feeling insecure or shall I say over concerned about my kid’s safety and wellness. I make sure twice or more than twice they are well harnessed with the car seats before I start the vehicle. How to get out of this insecurity?

Three things helped me to have more peace and not always have these horrible thoughts.

  • positive thinking
  • Do my best
  • Prayer

Positive Thinking:

I knew the world is full of potential dangers but the same world has all the wonderful things and amazing people. So I have my hope on humanity and whenever I have the horrible doubts and thoughts I tried to shush them away by my positive thought.

Do my best:

To make more peace with myself I do my best to ensure my children safety in all ways, I know I can’t protect them in all way but still, I do as much as I can and this gives me an inner peace.


yes, we can’t protect them all the time as I told, So I give that responsibility to the Almighty and I believe the great super power will protect my kids from all dangers.

So If you are a mom and you feel anxious about your kid’s safety, try these three things and let me know in comments whether it helps you in any way.


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