Seven Motherhood Emotions: 6. Exhaustion


This is what I feel exactly now. The extreme physical and mental fatigue. I am in the middle of packing and cleaning for my upcoming India trip. And suddenly the plan has changed and we are going to a road trip before my India travel. So I repacked everything again, It took extremely long time, as both of my boys are at home and so I couldn’t complete any work within the time schedule. The minute I get myself involved in some work my toddler needs my attention. He doesn’t like if mommy works on something other than him. 😉


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And to make things worst suddenly he got a fever and almost I couldn’t do anything else other than sitting with him and make him comfortable. But my brain is constantly taking notes for the remaining things I have to finish before we start. The list of items needs to be purchased, the necessary things need to be done, and the pediatrician visit, medicines, etc. The sleepless nights due to sh2’s cry of pain and uneasiness made me drowsy and my eyes are ready to fall asleep at any time.

And now I feel I should haven’t convinced myself to write this series. As I know I am not going to complete it at all. The mere thought of my first blog series challenge is going to be incomplete makes me dejected. But still, I am not going to give up. Let me try my best.So  I am writing my posts now for the next week prompts. When this post is live I may be on my trip.

I knew I have too much on my plate and I couldn’t blame anyone other than me for this exhaustion. And I know every mom at one stage will feel this. The Mom’s exhaustion.

Lets see how we can avoid this.

Learn to say ‘No’:

This is so important. Most of the time we are having too much to do because we don’t have the heart to say ‘No’. Remember, saying “No”  does not make us a “bad person”. It simply we can’t do it and so we politely declined it.

Give Priority to priority things:

Do the priority things first, things which you can’t outsource to anyone at all. Then get help to do the less important works. This will reduce a lot of pressure.

Accept our limitations:

Everyone wants to be a super mom.  Wants to do everything properly. But the reality is we are not Superman(superwoman??!!!). We are the humans who need 8 hours sleep. So accept it and let’s not overload ourselves with too many duties.It’s ok If we can’t do everything.

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