Seven Motherhood Emotions: 7. Pride



Come on who else is not proud of being a mom. Each and every mom is proud of their kid. Isn’t it unique about motherhood?

I feel proud, that I am a mom of two wonderful kids. Motherhood is a wonderful thing so cherish each and every moment.Though it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows, still it deserves to be celebrated.

Don’t think you can feel proud ,only if your kid achieves or wins at something. celebrate the simple moments. Feel proud of the way he talks, walks, shares, blowing kisses, calling you amma, stepping onto the preschool, eating his own food, learning the basics, hugging you each time etc. The unconditional love we got from our kid is the irreplaceable one. You can’t get that love from anyone else.. Its precious, the pure love from the pure heart without any counterfeit.

So take a moment and feel proud of being a “Mom”.

I am happy and proud that I finished my Bar-A-Thon series successfully. This was one of the hardest weeks as I had too much to do and twice I thought of withdrawing myself from this writing challenge. But somehow I finished it and I am delighted I could do this.

I hope you to enjoy reading the series of “Seven Motherhood Emotions”. Thanks all for this wonderful opportunity to share my little thoughts.

Thanks to “Blog A Rhythm”.

Thanks to all the wonderful readers who constantly supports by sharing, and commenting their valuable thoughts.

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