We were so excited . It was our first trip with our two kids. For the past 2 years we never went  anywhere more than 30 minutes drive. So it was the biggest decision.We planned for a 10 days road trip with our sister in law’s family. I was so excited and started to plan and pack almost a week before. I am going to post about each day of our trip ,our  experiences, pictures & information etc. It was almost a roller coaster trip with lot of ups and downs. Some moments were worth to be cherished and some were so annoyed that made me regretted for decided to go for the trip.

Lets starts with our first day.

June 24 & 25th :

Our SIL family arrived from Atlanta. They were 3 elders and two kids aged 10 and 6 years. Drove nearly 10 hours and reached at 1 A.M. They rented a 15 seater “Ford Transit” Vehicle which was so comfortable. On 25th  we decided to go to “COSI” the science museum for kids which is 20 minutes drive from our home.  Every one woke up late because of late night drive and  we started from home nearly by 1 P.M. ‘Sh2’ was super excited by seeing the big car(Or van??) . He liked to sit on the driver seat and imitated to steer the wheels. Travelling on that vehicle alone enough for him to behave well.


“COSI” is the nice kids friendly science museum which I insisted everyone I knew to visit at least once . They are having so many interesting things that one day is definitely not enough. But still kids really had fun by trying each and every simple yet interesting activities.


Lifting the car with ease

Simulator to the “MARS”

Personally I liked the “Progress” where they exhibit the vintage lifestyle  with street views ,vehicles and shops. I really loved to see the vintage shops ,the vintage electronics like television ,radio, telephone booth etc. It reminded us the things we missed like telegram and how much our lifestyle has been progressed in so many ways.

Street View and Vintage shops:

Telegraph Machine:

Vintage Car with Gas Station: (Sorry for the poor pic)


They have a kids play area which is the paradise for the younger kids like “sh2”. We already went there three/four times and I knew If we went inside he won’t come out easily. They have everything to engage 6 months to 4 year old children. Slides, pretend play areas like Market, hospital, kitchen etc.”water fun” play areas even for 6+ months babies. Kids really had a super fun over there. They didn’t want to come out of it.


Water Fun Area:

My experience:

Though the older kids were enjoyed the day, we had a tough time with ” Sh2″ . At nap time he didn’t sleep in the stroller as I expected. He was tired and sleepy but didn’t want to sleep at all. It made him cranky and he ran like anything. If everyone headed to one direction he ran in the opposite direction and we couldn’t catch him at all. He didn’t  listen to anyone. If we tried to get his attention he became more restless .So we sent everyone to explore the other things and took him to the children’s play area. He was kind of o.k there . But I was anxious about the upcoming trip. And to make things worst that night he didn’t sleep at all. He had a severe cough which disturbed his sleep and he started to cry .He was so tired ,cranky and started to beat me and his dad which he never did before. The moment he fall sleep the cough woke him up,until midnight he suffered a lot. We started to walk across the hall by holding him.Then slowly he started to sleep by 1 o clock. I was worried to sick. I even thought of  cancelling the trip but didn’t have the guts to do that ,as our SIL  family came to Ohio only to pick us from there to Niagara. And so I consoled myself everything will be all right. I convinced myself ” as it was a first time ‘sh2’ was with so many people he behaved “weirdly”. I thought once he get familiar with everyone, things may get better.But the following days proves  “I was wrong”.

P.S: We are still in vacation and so I can’t post on alternative days like before. My post interval may be inconsistent for some time.

To be continued…


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