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About Me

I am sivaranjani aka shivi, stay at home mom of two lovely boys. Born and brought up in a small village of Tamilnadu, south India. I am very proud of my mother language ( Tamil ) and my native. I am an Engineering Graduate, worked as a ‘Software Engineer’ in a reputed IT firm for 2.5 years.

Then got married at 2010 and moved to geneva, Switzerland, obviously, I resigned my job due to relocation.Started working as a full-time mom.(yeah it’s a profession, believe me ). Up to 2014, my life was juggling between India and Switzerland.Then we came to U.S at 2015. Living here for past one and half years.

My family:

We have two lovely naughty boys of 6 years and 2 .5 years old.As both our names (myself & himself ) begins with ‘s’ we want their name also begin with ‘s’. But apparently, both of their names begins with ‘sh’. For the purpose of preserving their anonymity, I refer to them on this blog as ‘sh1’ and ‘sh2’. I refer to my husband simply as ‘Big s’ who always support me in my rains and shines and above all who tolerates all my torture.

Why I started Blogging?

I always love to read. My love for books starts when I was 5. Thanks to my dad who introduced books to me and always took me to every book fair around my town and bought as many books as I like without any second thoughts. Till now I am having my own mini library in my mom’s home. Wherever I go the first thing I used to do is ” Check the local library and become a member”. Books are my love. And a lot of reading made me passionate about writing.

I am an Introvert. It’s always easy for me to express myself in writing than speaking.What would be more easy to a mom other than  writing about motherhood? Hence I am here, trying to bring up two of my passions together (Motherhood & Writing) .

Comments and feedback are precious to me. Nothing can brighten my day like a positive comment. So let me know if you feel I deserve an appreciation.

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