Guess who helped me to make the bean bags. It’s my beloved ‘Sh1’ . It’s easy to make with the materials easily available in our home.

The material we need:

  • Old shocks
  • Ziplock cover
  • Tape
  • Needle and thread


  1. Cut the shocks into ankle &leg pieces.Reverse the shocks and sew the cut end.


2. Fill the Ziploc cover with beans(I used very old green gram for this) and tightly close it. If you feel it’s not enough you can tape the lock. Sh1 helped me to fill the beans in Ziploc.


3. Now insert the filled Ziploc cover into the stitched shocks through the unstitched end.


4 . Now stitch the other end too.


5. Viola!! Bean Bag is Ready. Repeat the same for other pieces too.


We can use this bean bags for toddler activities or even for kids fun activities in birthday parties. A toss game will be more fun.


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